Powerful Energy Management Software For Large Organizations

Large corporations, universities, and city, county, and state governments that process hundreds or thousands of utility bills per month need an enterprise-class system with unsurpassed power and flexibility. (Are you a smaller organization or US public school district?)

An Energy Efficiency Solution That Pays You Back
EnergyCAP’s client-server network software and web reporting tools are a solution that lets you take charge of your energy spending…and pays you back! EnergyCAP energy efficiency software helps you measure, manage, and save ten ways. EnergyCAP often pays for itself in the first year through cost recoveries and efficiency improvements.

EnergyCAP is the result of over thirty years of industry leading experience, and includes many powerful and innovative features that enable you to effectively manage your energy. Plus, EnergyCAP licenses are flexible—you can customize them to fit your needs. This way, pricing is based on the features that are valuable to you.

Energy Management Software Done Right
Using EnergyCAP is doing energy management right. Of the many benefits of EnergyCAP, perhaps getting a handle on your energy information is the most important. Energy is your organization's most controllable operating expense, but you can’t control it unless you track it. Track your energy with the most comprehensive web-friendly client-server software on the market—with EnergyCAP.

Get The Best Energy Efficiency Software With EnergyCAP
To create successful users, EnergyCAP offers a comprehensive training program, which includes free and customized resources. In addition, members of our friendly and knowledgeable technical services staff, including certified energy managers and business energy professionals, help our clients move to the next level. Get the best with EnergyCAP.