Valuable Energy Management Software for Clients of Cenergistic

EnergyCAP Professional is a valuable tool for organizations that need straightforward utility bill tracking, energy management reports, calculation of the cost avoidance attributable to energy management activities, and overall energy information management. According to our sales policy, EnergyCAP Professional is available only to clients with an energy conservation plan by Cenergistic.

Typical Clients
A typical Professional client has 50 to 1500 utility accounts, pays $500,000 to $10 million a year and is primarily used by one energy management or utilities management office. Professional uses Microsoft’s SQL Server Express database but it can also connect to SQL Server. Multiple users can access the data simultaneously.

Get A Handle On Your Energy Information
EnergyCAP is the result of over 30 years of industry leading experience. Of all the benefits of EnergyCAP, perhaps getting a handle on your energy information is the most important. Energy is your most controllable operating expense, but you can’t control it unless you track it. Track your energy with the most reliable software on the market—EnergyCAP. To create successful users, we offer a series of tech videos to our clients.

Policy on the New Version and Technical Support for Legacy Version
In order to provide the best software available, EnergyCAP, Inc. has released EnergyCAP Professional Online, a web-based version of its energy management software. The online version contains new features and innovations, including new reports, charts, and graphs.

All licensees of the legacy version may upgrade to the online version with no upgrade or database conversion fee until April 28, 2015*. After that, upgrades and data conversions will incur a $495 conversion fee, and scheduling of upgrades will be limited to October 2015 and April 2016. Individual conversions will not be performed at any other time.

Since its release in December 2002, EnergyCAP Professional Desktop has served over 1,000 users and received ten major updates. But today the software industry is rapidly changing. Due to widespread migration from installed "desktop" software to web-based software, EnergyCAP Professional Online has been developed and was released in January 2013.

*an annual hosting fee may apply

EnergyCAP Professional is available only to organizations that have an ongoing energy conservation plan by Cenergistic of Dallas, Texas. Cenergistic is an independent energy conservation company that helps organizations reduce consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil and water through a proprietary, technology-and-data driven method. For more information, please visit