Accounts/Meters/Places/Groups: Advanced

Presented by Ryan Ohlson [50 minutes]

Provides a content-rich contextual discussion of Accounts, Meters, Places, and Groups. Topics include Creating an Account/Meter, Creating an Unknown rate, Viewing a New Account, Identifying Summary Accounts/Bills, Modifying, Moving, or Deleting Accounts. Additional related topics include When to Create a New Place, the BL39 Report, and Handling Bill Splits.

»The tech videos in this library apply to EnergyCAP Enterprise only.

  1. Accounts
    1. Creating an account
      • When is there a need to create a new account?
      • What information is needed beforehand?
      • Wizard vs. Manual entry: which method to use and why?
      • The account has been created, now what?
    2. Modifying, moving or deleting an existing account:
      • When, Why and How?
    3. Display Chart Data
  2. Meters
    1. Creating, Modifying, Moving, Deleting:
      • When, Why and How?
    2. Meters and Auto Groups
    3. Display Chart Data
  3. Places
    1. Creating, Modifying, Moving, Deleting:
      • When, Why, and How?
    2. Reports: Place Types (BL39 – Filter by Place Type)
    3. Place Power Views: When and How they are updated
    4. Display Chart Data
    5. Adding a place contact
  4. Groups
    1. What are they and when would one want to use them?
    2. Place Groups
    3. Meter Groups
    4. Auto Groups!
    5. Group Data: When and How updates occur
  5. Various Scenarios
    1. What is the difference between deleting a meter assignment and un-assigning a meter
    2. What about Accounts with multiple meters?
    3. Meters with multiple Accounts?
    4. Accounts and Bill Splits (avoid double counting)
    5. Calculated Accounts defined
    6. Virtual Accounts defined