Greenhouse Gas Tracking

Presented by Steve Heinz [11 minutes]

This video presents an overview of Greenhouse Gas Tracking in EnergyCAP. Includes discussion of emissions factors, EPA’s “E-grid” and factor variances, manual and automated factor updates, carbon footprint charting, basics of direct and indirect emissions, and scope protocols.

»The tech videos in this library apply to EnergyCAP Enterprise only.

This video covers EnergyCAP Enterprise release 5.0.

  1. Greenhouse Gas tracking with utility data
  2. Emission factors
    1. How determined
    2. How to update
  3. Determining carbon footprint
    1. Graphing carbon dioxide emissions
    2. Recording carbon credits
  4. Direct and Indirect emissions
  5. Using counters for tracking emissions not reflected by utility bills
  6. The GHG-01 GHG Emissions report in EnergyCAP