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Energy Management Maturity Model [Infographic]

Ever since we started helping organizations track their utility bills 35 years ago, we’ve noticed two paths that organizations frequently travel on the road to energy management success. We focused on one of those paths in an earlier blog (the path of utility bill processing maturity).

Today we’ll focus on the path of energy management maturity. Like any path, it has a starting point, and a destination, with landmarks along the way. We’ve captured that path in an infographic, and are sharing it in this blog.



Energy management maturity involves the creation or discovery of techniques and processes for obtaining comprehensive energy information for your organization, and responding to that data with proven and reliable actions. This path often involves facilities management personnel, and typically involves energy analysis and reporting, measurement and verification, cost avoidance calculation, and building controls. As an organization grows, the path can become longer, and may involve more twists and turns. But the goal (energy savings) remains the same.

We invite you to review the infographic and answer an important question: Where does your organization fit in? Are you where you want/need to be?



If you’re not as far along the path as you’d like to be, we encourage you to set goals that move you along. With strategy, resources, and grit, you can score big wins for your organization.

Perhaps you’ve been up and down this path many times before, and it’s very familiar to you. Have we missed any landmarks along the way? Comment back and let us know if we’ve left anything out.