Resources: Energy Management


Our eBook library provides utility bill management tips, useful energy management techniques, insights to the sustainability and energy industry, and EnergyCAP software guidance.


20 Ways to Find Savings

20 utility bill audits to beef up your energy analysis playbook.


All About Utility Bill Processing

Learn about the various utility bill formats and how you can get billing data into your EMIS accurately, efficiently, and without manual data entry.


10 Tactics of Energy Managers

Invest time and effort in utility bill processing and energy management activities that really make a difference.


ENERGY STAR Benchmarking 

Thinking about benchmarking facilities in Portfolio Manager? Learn about the benefits and how EnergyCAP can help you multiply them for long-term energy management success.


Medical Campus Chargebacks

Medical campus energy management has unique challenges, including utility cost or usage allocations, rebillings, or distributions. Learn how EnergyCAP can help.

eBook - Effective Energy Benchmarking

Effective Energy Benchmarking

How to use grouping & benchmarking to spot energy savings


6 Tips for Tracking Utility Bills

Six utility bill tips that can help energy managers, facility directors, utility bill analysts, and others spot problems and save money.


Energy Mgmt from Home

Tips to enhance your energy management and utility bill accounting program while working from home.


Impact of Weather

How does the weather impact facility energy usage? And how can you accurately normalize for weather when evaluating energy conservation efforts? This eBook explains it.


Building an Energy Legacy

Get excited and empowered by this rich content and linked resources that will help you build you own energy management legacy.


Why Utility Data is the First Step in Sustainability Strategy

Significant opportunities for energy efficiency and carbon reduction reside in the buildings you're managing.


All About Accruals

Three common methods for accruing—or estimating—utility use and cost.


Chargebacks & Meters

Tasked with managing complex utility cost or usage allocations, rebillings, or distributions? Learn about best practices and how energy management software can make it easy.


Smart Grid Basics & Pricing

Auctions, grid operations, and more about how the electric grid works.


Measurement & Verification

Are you using industry-accepted measurement & verification processes to calculate the effectiveness of your energy reduction efforts?