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EnergyCAP with Property Management

Thanks to EnergyCAP, we have already identified savings of $250,000 in one year alone.

Lou Schotsky | Equity Residential

Property Management

Energy managers for property management companies depend on correct and reliable enterprise energy data to make decisions for their regional or national portfolio of buildings. With reduction targets to meet, remote stakeholders to include, data to organize, and workflows to improve, these energy managers need a platform that makes data sharing and analysis easy.

EnergyCAP solves your challenges through:

Property Management Clients Include:

  • Equity Residential
  • The Irvine Company
  • Forest City Management
  • Minto Group Services
  • Ontario Realty Corporation


Energy management, efficiency and conservation are key concerns for the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations may be regional or national with complex properties, a multitude of vendors, and complicated utility bill accounting processes. Some may have to rebill tenants for distributed energy. The energy managers responsible for tracking, reducing, benchmarking, and performing energy accounting at their facilities need a straightforward tool to help them.

EnergyCAP solves your challenges through:

Healthcare Clients Include:

  • Allina Health System
  • Christiana Care Health Services
  • The Ohio State University Medical Center
  • University of Texas Medical Branch
  • Genesis Health System
EnergyCAP In Commercial Healthcare

The service from EnergyCAP has been great, so far. Everybody’s quick to answer any questions. I believe the system is pretty intuitive to use, but if you need help, the help is there.

Bob Gianfagna | The Ohio State University Medical Center

We've found anomalies and found places where we paid for more than we should have. Also benchmarking has helped us decide on which of our facilities we should spend our efforts.
Harry Vandermeer | Alberta Health Services
EnergCAP in Commercial Retail

We’ve received a six figure return in terms of recouping our costs by using EnergyCAP.

Director of Facilities & Utilities | National Retail Chain in STORES magazine


Energy managers for retail chains depend on correct and reliable energy data to make decisions for their regional or national portfolio of buildings. With energy reduction and efficiency targets to meet, buildings to benchmark, remote stakeholders to include, and data to organize, these energy managers need a platform that makes data sharing and analysis easy.

EnergyCAP solves your challenges through:

Retail Clients Include:

  • The Kroger Company
  • BJ’s Wholesale Clubs
  • Sheetz
Within about nine months we saved $89,000 on bills that were double-paid or on utility bills that were inaccurate. We were able to go back to the utility and demand a review. We also do carbon disclosure reporting, and collect the data, and we’re able to manage our buildings better.
Energy Manager for Fortune 500 Transporation and Logistics Company

Manufacturing or Industrial

Energy managers for manufacturing or industrial companies may deal with regulatory compliance, complex utility rate structures, decentralized utility bill processing, and remote stakeholders who want access to the data. EnergyCAP provides software tools to improve efficiency, streamline workflows, import meter interval data, and enable data analysis to meet company goals.

EnergyCAP solves your challenges through:

Manufacturing/Industrial Clients Include:

  • Rock-Tenn Company
  • UniFirst Corporation
EnergyCAP In Commercial Manufacturing

We bought EnergyCAP to organize the data we were collecting, to find cost savings, and to make a better presentation to the board of directors. We have found lots of money and can track utilities that have not been shut off in locations we moved out of, but we’re still paying bills for. One refund check was for $36,000.

Energy Manager | Fortune 500 Transporation and Logistics Company

Not only has Energycap saved us time and made us more productive in tracking in our energy costs, but we have been able to identify misapplied payments, ensure that when facilities move the utilities get disconnected, identify missing bills and more importantly, we can identify our energy costs down to the use/day!
Lisa Roberts | UniFirst Corporation
EnergyCAP in Transit

EnergyCAP gave us the ability to check our usage, find water and gas leaks, and locate misuse of electric power and errors in invoicing.

Duke Drinkard | Southeastern Freight Lines


Transportation companies (including transit authorities)make getting from here to there look easy. But that doesn’t mean enterprise energy management is easy for them. Energy efficiency and conservation are always an issue. Energy managers in Transportation are looking for streamlined energy data, effective bill audits, simple greenhouse gas calculations, data presentment and reporting, and integration between energy data and financial systems.

EnergyCAP helps meet your goals with:

Transportation Clients Include:

  • Denver International Airport
  • Southeastern Freight Lines
  • Greater Toronto Airport Authority
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