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City & County

Using EnergyCAP for just seven months resulted in $96,000 in savings and incentives for our county.

Janet Purchase | County of Riverside, CA

City & County

City and county energy managers are often tasked with saving money on energy, meeting efficiency and reduction targets, improving organizational workflow, benchmarking buildings in ENERGY STAR, and presenting energy data to internal stakeholders and the public. A GSA Price Catalog is available.

EnergyCAP solves your challenges through:

City & County Clients Include:

  • City Of Baltimore
  • City of Minneapolis
  • City of Virginia Beach
  • Fairfax County, VA
  • Orange County, CA
  • City & County of Denver




Energy management for a state government is complex and challenging. With statewide facilities used by various agencies, utility vendors across the state, and energy efficiency and reduction mandates to meet, energy managers need a software tool that streamlines and simplifies data acquisition and analysis. A GSA Price Catalog is available.

EnergyCAP solves your challenges through:

State Government Clients Include:

  • Maryland
  • Colorado
  • Montana
  • South Dakota
EnergyCAP in your state

The first step to effectively manage and reduce energy and water use is to ensure that utility data is tracked. EnergyCAP allows us to do that on a statewide basis.

Angie Fyfe | Governor's Energy Office of Colorado

EnergCAP in Government

Through EnergyCAP, we can report on the energy as well as track if there are issues – maybe a meter is down.

Shanna Abott | Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Federal agencies and divisions have widespread energy management, conservation, and efficiency needs: streamlining bill processing, importing bills electronically, reporting and data presentment, and submitting building data to ENERGY STAR. A GSA Price Catalog is available.

EnergyCAP solves your challenges through:

Federal Government Clients Include:

  • Smithsonian Institute
  • National Laboratories



Housing Authority

Housing authorities have unique energy management challenges such as tracking energy consumption per unit, submitting data for federal incentives, reporting to stakeholders and individual tenants, improving utility bill processing, and benchmarking buildings. A GSA Price Catalog is available.

EnergyCAP solves your challenges through:

Housing Authority Clients Include:

  • Housing Authority Of Baltimore City
  • Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (Cleveland)
EnergyCAP in housing

We have reported over a million dollars in savings. And we have used EnergyCAP to actually receive incentives from the federal government.

James Larsah | Housing Authority of Baltimore City

EnergyCAP in Transit

Using EnergyCAP software, VTA will monitor utility usage. This data will be used to find opportunities for efficiency improvements, catch mistakes from utility providers, and identify leaks.

2013 Sustainability Report | Santa Clara VTA

Transit Authority

Transit authorities make getting from here to there look easy. But that doesn’t mean energy management is easy for them. Always concerned with efficiency and conservation, many transit authorities are looking for software solutions for a variety of tasks. These include streamlining energy data, creating effective bill audits and simple greenhouse gas calculations, data presentment and reporting, and integration between energy data and financial systems. A GSA Price Catalog is available.

EnergyCAP solves your challenges through:

Transit Authority Clients Include:

  • Regional Transit Authority (Chicago)
  • Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority
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Military Base

Military bases often take a campus-based approach to energy management, efficiency and conservation. They produce and distribute their own energy to their “tenants,” and need a software solution to allocate usage and rebill tenants through submeters and chargebacks. In addition, data presentment and reporting are important to share key energy metrics with stakeholders. A GSA Price Catalog is available.

EnergyCAP solves your challenges through:

Clients Include:

  • Marine Corps Base - Camp Pendleton
  • California National Guard
EnergyCAP With The Military

Within about nine months we saved $89,000 on bills that were double-paid or on utility bills that were inaccurate. We were able to go back to the utility and demand a review. We also do carbon disclosure reporting, and collect the data, and we’re able to manage our buildings better.

Energy Manager | Fortune 500 Transportation and Logistics Company