Release Summary for EnergyCAP Enterprise

EnergyCAP SP3 6.3.74.xx
Required Database: 74


EnergyCAP SP2 6.3.69.xx
Required Database: 69


EnergyCAP 6.3 SP3 Released

EnergyCAP Enterprise 6.3 SP3 has been released with usability enhancements and bug fixes for all clients. This release is compatible with any client currently running an EnergyCAP Enterprise 6.3 release.

In order to use EnergyCAP 6.3 SP3 and connect to your EnergyCAP database via the "Internet" option on the login screen, you must be running at least EnergyCAP Online version 3.2.3 or greater.

Report Installation and Update Improvements

In an effort to improve the process of installing and updating reports, a number of modifications specific to report installation management have been made in SP3. These include:

  • [ECE-796] - Update the report version stored in the database from the included RBI file. This makes the comparison of report versions much more efficient, and more clearly determines which reports have been modified since the last report release.
  • [ECE-797] - Any failures of a report's stored procedure to install correctly will provide better logging of the failure.
  • [ECE-798] - When determining which reports are new or updated, the update dialog now uses the report versions rather than the RPT modified dates.
  • [ECE-799] - Downloading the latest reports "From Web" will now retrieve the correct file based on the database version, not the application version.
  • [ECE-802] - The "Update Reports" dialog has been simplified to remove options that no longer have relevance because of outdated report update procedures. Installing reports will always update all users and will always overwrite the RPT files with the newest version available. The only two options that remain are to decide if all reports should be installed, or only those having a newer version to prevent unnecessary installation work.

Other Improvements

  • [ECE-705] - When reports are emailed with Report Distribution, the user-defined header text is not properly included in the header of the report.
  • [ECE-804] - The device-specific property 'ERT ID' can now be 10 digits to maintain comparability with iTron systems.
  • [ECE-809] - GHG factors are now automatically linked to new meters when they are created. Previously the GHG Factor Linker had to be executed separately.
  • [ECE-813] - The Itron export now displays the part of the meter name to make it easier to identify the meter associated with the exported record. Previously the static text "meter info" was exported for every line.
  • [ECE-815] - Starting with database version 78 for EnergyCAP, significant improvements have been made to the processing of Staging Table data. All PowerViews have been updated to use the best table for source data.
  • [ECE-816] - Login requires database version 74 or above because of breaking changes with previous databases.
  • [ECE-821] - If "Strong Password" is selected, 'require password upon next login' is also required.
  • [ECE-824] - The updated EnergyCAP validation code supplied as part of the yearly ECMA is now recognized and utilized properly by EnergyCAP Enterprise.
  • [ECE-825] - The Itron export suppresses RFF line when deviceChannel readMethod equals K for specific client implementations.
  • [ECE-828] - Must have SP3 in order to use the latest version of ECO.

Bug Fixes

  • [ECE-805] - The End date filter now works correctly for all operator options in custom spreadsheets.
  • [ECE-806] - Chargeback meters now appear in the Facility Manager.
  • [ECE-807] - Custom Spreadsheets filter renamed from "Budget Version Name" to "Master Budget Name" to correctly reflect the data being selected.
  • [ECE-811] - Building and Meter Groups Delete option is now only available for user created groups.
  • [ECE-812] - If channel properties are modified to indicate a change in the number of dials and decimals, the Itron export will now produce the correct RDG line of an export file.
  • [ECE-826] - A/P export lists correct UoM on meter summary line. Previously under some circumstances, the UoM shown was incorrect.
  • [ECE-827] - Saving Global Properties should now correctly add the appropriate URL ending to the Bill Image URL when necessary. This will specifically help clients with dynamic bill image URLs.

EnergyCAP 6.3 SP2 Released

EnergyCAP 6.3 SP2 has been released with usability enhancements and bug fixes for all clients. This release is compatible with any client currently running an EnergyCAP 6.3 release.

Bug Fixes

  • [ECE-560] – Meter Routes: When attempting to Edit Readings for a Route with a Meter that does not have a deviceChannel Record, an error mesage no longer occurs.
  • [ECE-613] – Calculated Accounts: When creating a new calculated account from an existing meter and channels, the usage unit can now be selected from the list of available units of measure.
  • [ECE-712] – Issue Tracker: When notes are added, the datetime am/pm suffix is no longer duplicated.
  • [ECE-718] – Calculated Account Properties: Channel Property Values (MaxRead & Multiplier) now match the actual Channel Property Value; Demand channel creation has also been improved.
  • [ECE-729] – The Issue Tracker now displays the correct account and vendor when viewing issues for multi-account meters.
  • [ECE-733] – Budgets: It is now possible to update a Meter level budget using the “Modification” box.
  • [ECE-734] – Bill Entry Templates: New logic created to identify certain electric or gas bill entry templates as Supplier Templates (i.e. red folder).
  • [ECE-740] – Bill Entry: it is now possible to tab through all fields when editing a bill without receiving an error message.
  • [ECE-743] – Calculated Accounts: When selecting an existing meter for a new calculated account, the previously assigned unit of measure is now selected by default.
  • [ECE-745] – Cost Avoidance Manager: Fixed handling of null or 0 values. Now displays bills with Use/Day = 0.
  • [ECE-746] – Audit Updates: When installing audit updates, the Remove Orphans option has been disabled.
  • [ECE-747] – Bill Processing: Corrected a bug that was losing the Batch ID for bills if the “Cancel Edit” button was clicked prior to account selection.
  • [ECE-751] – Meter Reader Integration: EnergyCAP now handles ITRON export of meter data with multiple device versions correctly.
  • [ECE-753] – Bill Processing: A bill can now be deleted and a new bill created directly afterwards without generating any errors.
  • [ECE-754] – All bills on the ECE history list of Bill View/Edit screen can be opened by double-clicking the bill record row.
  • [ECE-756] – Template date validation has been removed entirely from bill EDIT mode and is only available upon bill CREATE.
  • [ECE-759] – Vendor Setup: The vendor now displays only once in the vendor list, regardless of the number of associated contracts (or various properties of a contract).
  • [ECE-760] – Issue Tracker: The “Show Issues Assigned to” drop-down list in Issue Options is now accessible only to users with Issue Tracker permissions.
  • [ECE-761] – Issue Manager: When a user clicks on “View Bill” for an issue not attached to a bill, an explanatory error notice is now displayed.
  • [ECE-762] – Meter Reader Integration: EnergyCAP now captures all of the digits of the previous month’s reading.
  • [ECE-763] – Bill Lists: Voided bills no longer appear in both “Waiting to Export” folders. If the bill is Unvoided, it will reappear in the list of bills to be exported.
  • [ECE-764] – By default, the “Workflow Manager > Bill Import Processor > Problem” folder is now limited to the current user’s kickouts.
  • [ECE-770] – Group Manager: The commodity selected in the “Ranking Options” is now being correctly reflected in the actual benchmark charts.
  • [ECE-771] – Meter Reader Integration: EnergyCAP now correctly handles the Itron MVRS Export XML file with Latitude and Longitude values carried to the fifth decimal place.
  • [ECE-778] – Accounting: Fixed a bug where some newly-created users were not able to view bill data from the Workflow Manager.
  • [ECE-779] – Workflow Manager: A status update can now be applied to multiple bills with a Re-Audit problem message when the bills are selected from a bill list.
  • [ECE-782] – Meter Reader Integration: EnergyCAP now correctly populates Number of Meters from the Itron MVRS DOWNLOAD.DAT file.
  • [ECE-783] – Cost Avoidance: Celsius weather data is now rounded during import to avoid decimal places that can create issues with the Cost Avoidance Processor.
  • [ECE-784] – Place Properties: “Primary Use” field data and “Display Chart Data” links are now displayed at the meter level.
  • [ECE-788] – Workflow Manager: If a date is supplied for “AccountYear” in the Workflow Wizard, that year is now correctly applied when opening a new bill batch. If a year is NOT supplied, then the year from the current date is used instead.
  • [ECE-792] – Bill Splits: A rounding issue for Bill splits that were multiples of 100% has been fixed.
  • [ECE-178] – “Export Hold” column appears in account lists as well as in the Workflow Manager.
  • [ECE-666] – Workflow Manager folder title & Workflow Options folder title has been renamed to “Holding from Export” to more accurately explain its function.
  • [ECE-689] – Reports and Custom Spreadsheets have new enhanced date filter operators.
  • [ECE-707] – Workflow Wizard: In batch header fields, the “InputMethod” is now editable upon batch close.
  • [ECE-708] – Bill Entry: A bill image can now be viewed while the bill is being edited. The position of the bill image window is saved from the previous image view.
  • [ECE-716] – The GHG “Create Factor” Wizard wording was revised to be more helpful.
  • [ECE-723] – Account Manager: The “Refresh Template” button no longer compares line counts. Instead it adds any lines that are on the template but do not currently exist on the bill.
  • [ECE-732] – Virtual Bills: Batch variables can now be successfully applied external to EnergyCAP using the Virtual Bill task (VBTSK.exe).
  • [ECE-736] – Bill Entry: A count of Open/Other/Total issues for the Account/Meter is now displayed from the Bill Entry window. Format is Open/Othr/Total (x/x/x).
  • [ECE-742] – Administrator: Improved Meter Code search functionality.
  • [ECE-749] – Bill Entry: When editing a bill with the prorate option for the remaining balance, only meter charges (not special/account charges) will be prorated.
  • [ECE-750] – User Permissions: When editing user permissions, the Select All option now includes Cost Avoidance properties.
  • [ECE-755] – The Batch Table is now dynamically updated in ECO when bills are entered/imported/deleted.
  • [ECE-766] – The Bill Entry window now displays a second Account Address line when it is present.
  • [ECE-767] – Issue Tracker: Multiple usablity improvements have been made. It is now possible to paste data into the “GoTo” field. Commas were removed from the issueID column. Issues now have a dedicated Print button/window. 
  • [ECE-775] – Budgets: Baseline bills can now be included in Budget Manager for inactive or unassigned accounts.
  • [ECE-776] – Bill Export: Performance Improvements have been made to large bill exports when using Rich Client mode.
  • [ECE-777] – Custom Spreadsheets: Bill – Meter Section > Line Item Cost (By Caption) – View Bill now contains the “Account Display” field.
  • [ECE-780] – Cost Avoidance: The Cost Avoidance wizard now checks for account/vendor uniqueness on the first window of the wizard (rather than on the last) and does NOT create an orphaned meter as it did before.
  • [ECE-785] – View Bill window Alert messages have been relocated from the bill header to a position directly beneath the Bill Properties box.
  • [ECE-787] – ENERGY STAR: The Properties tab has been suppressed at the Place level. Due to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager changes, beginning with release 3.1.5, ENERGY STAR properties can only be managed through EnergyCAP Online.

EnergyCAP 6.3 SP1 Released

EnergyCAP Enterprise 6.3 SP1 has been released with usability enhancements and bug fixes for all clients. This release is compatible with any client currently running an EnergyCAP Enterprise 6.3 release.


  •  [ECE-355] – The Bill Importer now compares the Rate Schedule Code on the Bill to the Rate Schedule Code assigned to the Account/Meter.
  • [ECE-503] – Additional line items were added to Bill exports to satisfy A/P interface needs for some clients. 
  • [ECE-583] – The EDI Importer allows access to meter serial number fields for verification.
  • [ECE-627] – The option to only submit the most recent 18 months of data was added to the ENERGYSTAR submittal screen.
  • [ECE-697] – Bill navigation on the Bill View no longer skips bills with the same start and end dates. A small asterisk was added to the table view to indicate the current bill being viewed.
    Bug Fixes 
  • [ECE-450] – Add the ability to create bill splits using the batch parameter, the start & end date parameters, and the account list parameter in conjunction with both of them.
  • [ECE-477] – Bill Entry Template selection is now based on the Start date of the bill regardless of whether the entry is launched via ‘Current’ or ‘Historical’ menu options.
  • [ECE-568] – The Monthly Tab of both the account and facility PowerViews now correctly reports monthly use.
  • [ECE-593] – The ability to void/unvoid a bill is now tied to Bill Properties Modify permission, instead of Bill Properties Delete permission.
  • [ECE-599] – On the Place PowerViews General Tab, the floor area records now display in chronological order.
  • [ECE-600] – Group Manager ranking is displayed in correct numerical order.
  • [ECE-602] – Bill Payment Import task is now honoring NULL cleared date.
  • [ECE-610] – Bill import truncates captions greater than 32 characters. Previously, the line was skipped altogether creating unbalanced bills.
  • [ECE-611] – ENERGY STAR properties data is now validated on Save instead of when exiting the field.
  • [ECE-612] – Bill splits honor the Batch Variables for Accounting Period and Year, if any are available.
  • [ECE-628] – Meter code now allows periods and spaces through manual entry and copy/paste.
  • [ECE-665] – The account code field in the Account/Meter Wizard can now contain spaces.
  • [ECE-675] – Bill Import for the first two months of an account is setting the correct Billing Periods.
  • [ECE-677] – The account search now works for account numbers less than three characters in length.
  • [ECE-678] – The Max Reading field in Channel Properties now allows up to five decimal places.
  • [ECE-681] – Added the ability to assign the same rate code to multiple commodities from the same vendor.
  • [ECE-688] – The Device Properties chart legend now matches the colors used on the chart.
  • [ECE-691] – Corrected an error generated from the Commodity Tab for Cost Center and Places when only account level charges existed.
  • [ECE-687] – The meter code field in the Calculated Account Wizard can now accomodate 32 characters.
  • [ECE-693] – When assigning a rate, the rate selection list now filters rate options to current commodities only.
  • [ECE-694] – The report .ini file was updated to display the latest reports.

EnergyCAP Online 6.3 Released

EnergyCAP Enterprise 6.3 has been released with significant enhancements for all clients. This is also a cumulative release, incorporating all bug fixes and improvements of release 6.2 service packs (SP1, SP2, SP3 and SP4).

If you are currently implementing EnergyCAP and are hosted on “,” please speak with your EnergyCAP Project Manager before upgrading.
If EnergyCAP, Inc. hosts your database, please download the install instructions and the new release to install it.
If you host your own database, download the upgrade instructions. After reading the instructions, ensure you have sufficient IT help to perform the database upgrade, and then download the following files:


ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager underwent significant changes in 2013 after more than two years of planning and implementation. With EnergyCAP Online 3.1.5, all functionality now exists to configure building properties and manage submissions to Portfolio Manager.

  • [Download the new release
  • Download ‘upgrade64to67.sql’ file
  • Download ‘upgrade67to69.sql’ file


Security EnhancementsThere have been major improvements in the security communication between EnergyCAP Enterprise and the application server for clients who utilize the “Internet” connection mode. All users that utilize Internet mode are encouraged to apply this update, along with EnergyCAP Online 2.11. While there have been no reported issues, the updates will assist in any future security incidents.


As mentioned in a separate update, the ENERGY STAR improvements made available in release 6.3 allow for much greater flexibility and coordination with the Automated Benchmarking Service (ABS) that ENERGY STAR provides to submit building data for a rating. The changes in the User Interface of EnergyCAP Enterprise include:


  • ENERGY STAR ratings have been moved to a PowerView tab at the building level as presented in EnergyCAP Online
  • Buildings can now have up to eight space types per building, particularly useful for multi-tenant users of EnergyCAP
  • The same space type can be used multiple times for vacant situations
  • Space type properties can now be dated so that historical changes are tracked in Portfolio Manager (PM)
  • Water meters will now be created in PM
  • Schema updates match new settings from ENERGY STAR on most space types
  • EnergyCAP database name is now saved to prevent a new PM account from being created if a client restores an EnergyCAP database as a new name, currently used as an identifier during submission
  • The minimum and maximum values are now honored for required fields, preventing users from submitting invalid values for required fields

Bug Fixes

  •  [ece-600] – Sorting of dollar values in Groups now sorts correctly for numeric values
  • [ece-603] – External EnergyCAP tasks that allow the “remote” option now work with the new encrypted data provider