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Better energy data analysis with Formula Composer

The EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics™ Formula Composer allows you to create mathematical calculations to analyze energy data study different data sets to determine whether any relationships exist between them without having to perform complex analysis often done in Excel. This tool is especially useful for regression analysis, where formulas are useful in establishing metrics to determine if two simultaneous events are related in real-time. The Formula Composer condenses the work of hunting down row after row of data, composing formulas, and performing manual analysis into a few simple clicks.

How predictive analytics enhances energy management

The power and simplicity of the formula composer tool will bring your energy data analysis to a totally new level. Transition from cumbersome spreadsheets to a fully flexible analysis of business and energy data at the click of a button, making your reporting better, quicker, and easier to manage many projects with minimal effort. Communicating with stakeholders becomes even easier as formula data points can be added to reports, notifications, Sentinel trends, breakdown saving performance, and tracking.

Creating formula-based meters

The possibilities are virtually limitless when it comes to performing calculations for your projects; whether its variance between expected kWh and actual kWh for solar PV production, GHG emitted from your buildings/facilities, or creating virtual meters to identify the kWh of other non-monitored equipment.

Energy Managers Love Formula-Based Calculations!

EnergyCAP's Formula Composer provides a straightforward and efficient way to analyze energy data, eliminating the need for complex Excel formulas.

"EnergyCAP Smart Analytics (Wattics) helped me immensely in energy-saving by identifying hidden areas. The technology is unique in what it can do and can find out when HVAC plant is on & off, which...
John Corroon // Jurys Inn
"Intuitive software, highly responsive team. Getting setup in and using [EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics] had a very short learning curve.
Grace Junge // Edison Energy
"The software is built with do-it-yourself functionality, which has been great for our team—we are able to easily add/remove/reconfigure meters based on our frequently changing needs."
Grace Junge // Edison Energy
"Top user experience. Our customers are pleased with the advanced, automated IPMVP project management tools that provide high value for our ESCO partners in energy efficiency and saving projects."
Howard Wang // Accuenergy
"It is compatible with a wide range of (existing) hardware and this makes it easy to install and get up and running."
Cas de Roij // Klictix
“EnergyCAP software is an extremely user friendly and reliable system. I have been managing this system for 17 years through various versions of the system. With every version or release of the...
Fara M.

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