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Retail energy and sustainability software

Our solution helps owners and managers of large retail building portfolios to scale energy efficiency across multiple stores and sites. When managing multiple large retail building portfolios, having a platform that collects, visualizes, and analyzes meter data from hundreds, even thousands of stores is critical to achieving energy efficiency and cost savings.

“The fact that we can go to EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics™ (formerly Wattics) for a single, one-stop-shop solution for hardware, software and support...
Alessandro Bisagni // Founder & Managing Director, Bisagni Environmental Enterprise (BEE)

Manage bulk meter data

Automate the collection of energy and building data from hundreds or thousands of retail stores or facilities. Import KPI data in bulk to benchmark and compare across stores and building portfolios. Conduct an audit your facilities’ performance and create and automate energy performance reports.

Monitor in real-time

View live measurements of the consumption values of monitored areas/equipment in your facilities. Set automatic alerts and alarms to flag outliers in real-time through email, SMS, and in-app. Quickly evaluate patterns of power consumption and when peak load demand happens. Calculate potential savings and model new consumption schedules.

GHG accounting made easy

GHG accounting doesn’t have to be hard. EnergyCAP CarbonHub™ automatically converts your energy and utility information into greenhouse gas emissions. Our flexible ERP lets you report on Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and apply custom factors as needed.

  • Track scope 1, 2, and 3 at meter, building, and portfolio level
  • Automatic GHG conversions (eGRID)
  • Custom, date effective GHG factors
  • Manage GHG factors in bulk
  • Define default GHG factors per resource time

Asset performance and management

Identify energy-intensive equipment and diagnose specific areas of wasted energy. Get a high-level to granular view of retail store operations to prioritize energy saving actions.

Measure and verify savings

Forecast savings potential and ROI of energy conservation measures in retail facilities. Access expanded measurement and verification options using time-series data, multi-variate regression, non-energy correlations, expanded project tracking, and compliance with ISO 50001. Monitor and analyze indoor air quality variables such as PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2, humidity, temperature, and more.

"We literally went from paper reports that had sprocket holes on both sides to a modern data driven database system that has the capacity to produce reports at the facility level and the sub facility...
Luis Martinez // Executive Director of Energy
"This software has dramatically improved our ability to track and manage energy and water usage and cost at a county-wide level and at all levels, down to a by-meter level for an individual building....
Carrie W.
“Our organization has taken piles of bills, endless spreadsheets, and countless amounts of time and utilized EnergyCAP to become extremely efficient with all our utility management needs.”
Tony W.
“Don't settle for some half-baked program when you can have the best. I just got a refund of $350,000 from using EnergyCAP data to prove to the water company were being overbilled.”
Patrick B.
“EnergyCAP enabled us to identify our worst performing buildings in terms of energy use intensity, and we have been able to see and track our progress in this very transparent platform.”
Jeff W.
“Very easy to navigate and organize. Can easily find information whenever it is needed. When others ask for specific information on energy use, the answer usually comes within minutes.”
Mark B.
“EnergyCAP provides us with a one-stop-shop for all of our utility reporting needs and was the critical missing piece for us in moving forward with our strategic energy management plan in order to...
Jeff W.
“EnergyCAP has allowed us to understand our energy consumption profile better than we ever have, to see areas where we can save energy, and to assess possible sustainability initiatives.”
Coleman L.

A tradition of service & success

For more than 40 years, the EnergyCAP mission has been to simplify energy and sustainability data management. Combining your strengths and ours, we'll partner to build a more sustainable world through responsible management of finite resources.

CAPture services

Accurate, timely, and dependable data is key to your success. Make manual data entry a thing of the past and let us do the work for you. We capture utility bill data in any format and also capture smart meter interval data from available sources.

Professional services

Our team of industry experts are here to guide you through your data journey from expert implementation to advanced consultation, to becoming an extension of your team. We’re here to help you do your best work and achieve your goals.

Expert training

Whether you are new to EnergyCAP or if you just need a refresher course, we are committed to helping you and your team maximize the value from the software. We offer online or in person customized training to meet your specific needs.

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