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Empowering energy and sustainability leaders with actionable data.

EnergyCAP helps customers easily manage finite resources for a more sustainable world. For over forty years, the company has empowered energy, sustainability, and finance leaders with full control and understanding of all data points necessary to manage consumption, reduce their carbon footprint, and drive savings.

Our history of innovation and leadership


Expands offering to include financial-grade carbon accounting

EnergyCAP’s newest solution, CarbonHub, serves as the central repository of all carbon emissions related data, sustainability reporting, and tracking performance towards decarbonization goals. With the launch of CarbonHub, EnergyCAP is now the most comprehensive energy and sustainability ERP solution on the market, offering a wide range of financial-grade data analysis and reporting capabilities.


EnergyCAP acquires global leader in energy monitoring software

EnergyCAP expands its platform capabilities by acquiring Wattics, a Global Leader in Energy Management Analytics & Monitoring Software, to include advanced energy management analytics tools that provide actionable, building- and device-level interval data analytics and dashboards to further support its customers in their journey to net-zero carbon emissions.


Optimization of intelligence and security

Continued focus on optimizing the user experience by leveraging machine learning capabilities with features such as: Notifications, Flags, Audits, and Advanced Allocation, while also enhancing security with SOC 2 compliance and FedRAMP Certification.


Automation of services

Building on over 15 years experience in end-to-end automation of bill entry and payment, more advanced solutions are introduced to enhance automation of processes. Bill CAPture & Smart CAPture are created to solve the complex issues of utility bill and smart meter data acquisition and entry. Automated alerts & alarms using machine learning are released to automatically and intelligently notify users of errors.


Telling the story your way

Continued innovation and industry leadership by providing a more personalized experience to view data the way sustainability, finance, and energy management teams want to see it. Custom data visualization dashboards and integrations with business intelligence reporting tools provide users with complete flexibility in reporting.


Sustainability and compliance

The energy industry is evolving and more emphasis is being placed on carbon reduction and compliance reporting. Continuing to provide solutions to meet industry requirements, new features and functionality were introduced to support the growing needs of sustainability and compliance reporting, including: automatic GHG emissions calculations from utility bills and a direct integration with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.


Advanced energy management

To continue supporting thousands of energy managers, more advanced energy management functionality was released to help solve more complex problems and identify areas of savings opportunities: Interval Data Tracking, Benchmarking, Accruals, and Enhanced Energy Data Analysis.


EnergyCAP online

During the dotcom revolution, the software made a monumental transformation to the new technology age by leveraging SQL Server and introducing the first web-based version of EnergyCAP.


Improved electronic processing

The adoption by utility vendors of ANSI standard formats of utility bills, known as EDI 810, provided opportunities to build more automated and seamless utility bill accounting workflow processes and lead the industry on utility bill entry.


Collaboration between energy and finance teams

Further expanding on finance solutions, chargebacks and allocations were innovated which brought Energy Managers & Finance Teams together to solve mutual problems with technology. For the first time ever, both teams were able to recoup energy costs from tenants and departments based on submeters, splits, or virtual formula calculations.


Pioneered energy and utility bill accounting

Building on a decade of energy management experience, end-to-end electronic utility bill workflow was introduced to remove the burden of manual bill entry and payment processes. The first ever automated process of electronic bill receipt, entry, approval, and connection to an accounting system was pioneered for a major retailer. This paved the way for the utility bill industry as a whole to streamline and automate bill receipt, entry, and payment processes.


Robust energy reporting solutions

The software introduced cost avoidance calculations and reports including concepts such as baselines, adjusted baselines, use vs. degree day regression analysis and R-squared, concepts compliant with today's IPMVP but pioneered a full ten years before the birth of the international guidelines.


Digitized manual energy management processes

A new era of utility bill and energy management was born with the first ever energy management information system. EnergyCAP was born (under its former name FASER) and for the first time ever, energy information was accessible in software, removing the need for manual, time intensive, pen and paper record keeping in energy management processes.

The values that empower us


We create a collaborative environment through establishing a foundation of trust and valuing differences in optimizing outcomes towards a common goal.


We focus on effecting change, having the greatest level of positive influence on those around us, and improving the overall future for us and our customers.


We take ownership and strive for excellence in delivering on our commitments.


We value honesty, transparency & respect in guiding what we do, regardless of the situation.


We consistently pursue new and creative ways to solve problems—always challenging the status quo.


Build a more sustainable future with us!

We believe that data is critical to the fight against climate change. Our team is passionate about helping organizations make smarter, data-driven decisions about how they consume finite resources. If you’re looking for a role that enables you to do what you do best with a company mission you can get behind, we want to hear from you. ​​

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Meet the Team

Matthew Heinz
Chief Administrative Officer
Thomas R. Patterson, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Bill Bakken
Chief Customer Officer
Tucker Johnson
Chief Financial Officer
Jeremy Sharp
Chief Sales Officer
Amber Artrip
Vice President, Marketing
David Ulmer
Chief Product & Technology Officer
Jessica Hobbs
Vice President, People & Culture
Dan Behringer
Chief Project Officer



EnergyCAP, LLC
360 Discovery Drive
Boalsburg, PA 16827

Phone: 877.327.3702
Fax: 719.623.0577

Phone: 877.327.3702
Fax: 719.623.0577

Denver, CO

EnergyCAP, LLC
Suite 500
5445 DTC Parkway
Greenwood Village, CO 80111


Dublin, Ireland

EnergyCAP Software International Limited
Unit D, The Digital Hub
Digital Depot, Dublin 8, D08 TCV4, Ireland

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