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Energy management and monitoring software for net-zero operations.

Wattics is now EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics! Turn raw data in to actionable insights to create high-performance, energy efficient, cost-effective, net-zero buildings.

Create energy efficient, net-zero facilities today.

Time and cost savings

Stop wasting time analyzing your data. Let our machine learning analytics engines compare your energy use against expected patterns and alert you when your consumption becomes abnormal. Save up to 90% of your time spent analyzing energy data.

Energy management, simplified

Our easy-to-use energy management dashboard is the perfect tool for energy managers and business owners to make intelligent business decisions to identify energy wastage, save money, increase sustainability, and reduce carbon footprint.

Real-time data, from any source

Integrate a multitude of real-time data types, including electricity, gas, water, CO2, air quality, production, operational and other 3rd party sources such as degree days, BMS, and more. Whatever data you need, we’ve got you covered.

Starting at $350 / per month

Maximize sustainability and savings! Purchase SmartAnalytics standalone, or bundle it with EnergyCAP’s best-in-class utility bill management and carbon accounting solutions for unparalleled value and efficiency. Contact sales for more information on bundle discounts.

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Our user friendly energy monitoring features

Actionable insights to create high-performance, net-zero buildings.

Explore our enterprise energy management platform for real-time monitoring across metrics, locations, and costs. From IPMVP validation to tariff analysis, our user-friendly dashboard empowers energy professionals with innovative features.

Connect your devices

Connect to many supported devices and systems, including APIs, Gateways, Meters, Files, Sensors, Solar and PV, and Data Systems. Integrate a multitude of data types—electricity, gas, water, CO2, air quality, production, operational and other 3rd party sources such as degree days, BMS, and more.

Dive deep into operations

Identify resource saving opportunities and optimize the operations in the commercial buildings or sites you manage. Collect, manage, analyze, and report on data to better manage your projects and achieve savings for your clients.

Get alerted to issues in real-time

View live measurements of the consumption values of monitored areas/equipment in your facilities. Set performance thresholds and get automatic alerts and alarms to performance anomalies in real-time through email, SMS, and in-app. Quickly evaluate patterns of power consumption and when peak load demand happens. Calculate potential savings and model new consumption schedules.

Measure and verify energy projects

Access expanded measurement and verification options using time-series data, multi-variate regression, non-energy correlations, expanded project tracking, and compliance with ISO 50001. Monitor and analyze indoor air quality variables such as PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2, humidity, temperature, and more.

"Intuitive software, highly responsive team. Getting setup in and using [EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics] had a very short learning curve. The software is built with do-it-yourself functionality, which has...
Grace Junge // Edison Energy
"Highly recommended! We could cut 80–90% of the time our energy analysts spend in repetitive tasks such as collecting and handling data to create reports and actions. Their support is second to none,...
Nick Wood // Technology Director
"Top user experience. Our customers are pleased with the neat and friendly UI design. More importantly, the advanced automated IPMVP project management tools provides high value for our ESCO partners...
Howard Wang // Accuenergy
"EnergyCAP Smart Analytics (Wattics) provides the tools to analyze and predict energy consumption and cost. The platform enables us to view, visualize and report consumption patterns in diverse ways...
Cas de Roij // Klictix
"If you don’t know where it is going then you can’t save. EnergyCAP Smart Analytics (Wattics) helped me immensely in energy-saving by identifying hidden areas. The technology is unique in what it can...
John Corroon // Jurys Inn
"I have been very impressed with how intuitive the software is, the ability to determine how much power you can save, based on historical data, before starting a project adds a huge amount of value!"
Brendan Gunn // Fresh Energy
"EnergyCAP Smart Analytics (Wattics) dashboard is the best solution for energy metering & managing ever I seen. It’s very simple to check the energy cost, generating, in addition you can set your own tariff."
Catherine Shin // J&D Electric
"[EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics] has a great way of visualizing energy data and works with several different brands of meters. It has great way of displaying energy analytics that makes our clients love...
Chris Mbori // Eenovators Limited
"Excellent Tool! We monitor our energy consumption on a daily basis with EnergyCAP Smart Analytics (Wattics). A great tool to control energy consumption in our busy hotel and help us to identify...
Lali Dede, Clayton Hotels

A tradition of service & success

For more than 40 years, the EnergyCAP mission has been to simplify energy and sustainability data management. Combining your strengths and ours, we'll partner to build a more sustainable world through responsible management of finite resources.

CAPture services

Accurate, timely, and dependable data is key to your success. Make manual data entry a thing of the past and let us do the work for you. We capture utility bill data in any format and also capture smart meter interval data from available sources.

Professional services

Our team of industry experts are here to guide you through your data journey from expert implementation to advanced consultation, to becoming an extension of your team. We’re here to help you do your best work and achieve your goals.

Expert training

Whether you are new to EnergyCAP or if you just need a refresher course, we are committed to helping you and your team maximize the value from the software. We offer online or in person customized training to meet your specific needs.

Dig into operational performance with real-time energy analytics

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