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Utility tariff analytics

With the EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics™ Tariff Analytics feature, energy managers and management teams can make informed decisions about their energy tariffs, resulting in optimized energy costs and improved operational efficiency.

Untangling utility tariffs for big savings

Utility tariffs govern how an energy provider charges customers for their energy, water, natural gas, or electric usage. Energy tariffs vary greatly depending on location, and can be a fixed or variable rate. Large power consumers may be eligible for tariffs that lower their energy costs, so understanding the different tariff options available to them is extremely important in order to improve utility cost forecasting, control costs, and save money.

Deciding on the most suitable utility tariff can only be done when an energy management team understands their building portfolio’s operational behavior, typical consumption, and trends that influence energy use. EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics tariff analytics helps you make these decisions, addressing each of these factors and providing the insight needed to evaluate utility tariffs and choose the best option.

Industries have unique needs when selecting the right utility tariff

Industries with large energy demands, like manufacturing and heavy industry, can see substantial cost savings by choosing the right tariff structure. For example, a tariff with lower peak hour rates might be ideal for a factory with predictable periods of high energy use. Budget-conscious industries with large building footprints like government, higher education, commercial campuses, retail, and hotels can optimize energy costs by balancing fixed and variable rate tariffs.

Tariff analysis unlocks powerful insights

Tariff information integrates with nearly every module within EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics. Tariffs enable holistic analysis of your real time energy data, as well as helping to estimate future payoffs for energy reduction efforts and strategic energy cost choices.

  • The tariff analyzer performs price comparison of nearly 50 daily datapoints for an entire year of historical data to arrive at recommendations to optimize your tariff choices and project cost savings. 
  • Use tariff information during what-if analysis to predict the cost savings of energy use reduction projects. 
  • Configure CO2 equivalents within your tariff structure to better understand your GHG footprint

Master cost savings with a tariff toolkit

The EnergyCAP SmartAnalytics tariffs feature is used to calculate the cost of energy found in the breakdown tab, and designed to manage tariff structures from the simple to the complex. The tariffs tab applies not only to electricity, but can also be used for water and natural gas tariffs if needed.

The tariff tool makes it possible to:

  • See the cost of energy over a 12-month period
  • Perform cost comparison with different energy suppliers
  • Set validity of tariff structure
  • Set different time periods to match the tariff structure applied to your energy consumption
  • Input different tariff rates for different days of the week or hours of the day
  • Edit tariffs for historical energy data for further analysis
  • Scenario plan with different tariff choices
  • Add, edit and delete tariffs for electricity, water, and gas

Energy managers love EnergyCAP!

With EnergyCAP, you get a snapshot of a building's energy performance, making it easier to spot energy waste and achieve cost savings.

"EnergyCAP Smart Analytics (Wattics) helped me immensely in energy-saving by identifying hidden areas. The technology is unique in what it can do and can find out when HVAC plant is on & off, which...
John Corroon // Jurys Inn
"Top user experience. Our customers are pleased with the advanced, automated IPMVP project management tools that provide high value for our ESCO partners in energy efficiency and saving projects."
Howard Wang // Accuenergy
"EnergyCAP Smart Analytics (Wattics) provides the tools to analyze and predict energy consumption and cost. Support is excellent."
Cas de Roij // Klictix
"EnergyCAP Smart Analytics (Wattics) dashboard is the best solution for energy metering & managing ever I seen. It’s very simple to check the energy cost, generating, in addition you can set your own tariff."
Catherine Shin // J&D Electric
"It is compatible with a wide range of (existing) hardware and this makes it easy to install and get up and running."
Cas de Roij // Klictix
"The software is built with do-it-yourself functionality, which has been great for our team—we are able to easily add/remove/reconfigure meters based on our frequently changing needs."
Grace Junge // Edison Energy

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