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The preferred energy and sustainability data platform for higher education

Utility bill accounting and energy management can be extremely complex within a higher education campus setting. Our EnergyCAP ERP helps campuses overcome those challenges with a comprehensive solution with custom features designed to support the unique needs of campus energy management and sustainability.

Over 40% of the top US universities trust EnergyCAP with their data

Utility bill management

Forget spreadsheets, manual data entry, and dispersed data collection. Unify your utility and energy information in a single platform.

Energy management

Identify energy hogs, trigger conservation measures, and reduce your costs. Spend time on more meaningful projects and leave a legacy.

GHG accounting

Spend less time gathering and calculating GHG data and more time on emissions reduction efforts to leave the world a better place.

“We needed a place to store the data, and that’s where EnergyCAP has made so many processes faster and easier for us.”
Matthew Cherrin // Vice President of Lobo Energy
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"With EnergyCAP UtilityManagement™, we will be able to provide input into creating and monitoring budgets accurately and pull reports in seconds. We...
Brittany McCullar // Utilities Analyst
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“The audit process has allowed me to identify utility use irregularities in buildings that often end up being metering or building problems.”
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"One of the biggest benefits that EnergyCAP UtilityManagement brought was giving us the ability to look at utility bills and seeing opportunities for...
Casey Keyser // Senior Energy Manager
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"After we got into EnergyCAP UtilityManagement, I was astonished at how many meters we actually had that were not in use. It saved us thousands of dollars."
Tiffanie Trueblood // Database Coordinator

Solve complex energy accounting problems

EnergyCAP UtilityManagement™ helps campuses solve complex energy accounting issues and identify hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings a year! With accurate data and a predictable system in place, you can quickly uncover billing issues and inefficient buildings before they become an expensive problem—making you a true hero at your university.

Simplify cost allocation

Recoup energy costs from various groups or departments across campus by allocating costs using submeter data, formulas, and split calculations. Target and track usage, cost, and carbon from measurable or calculated points. Track and true up generation and distribution activities. Get as granular as you need with the way you allocate costs and consumption.

Remove the utility bills headache

Say goodbye to endless hours poring over spreadsheets. EnergyCAP UtilityManagement™ enables you to only handle a bill once by streamlining your entire accounting workflow. Avoid manual entry, late fees, errors, missing data, and duplication of data.

Comprehensively measure performance

Automatically normalize your data for weather variations and calendarize to monthly boundaries. Our intelligent algorithms do the work so you can make data-driven decisions and focus on the projects that matter.

GHG Accounting made easy

GHG accounting doesn’t have to be hard. EnergyCAP CarbonHub™ automatically converts your energy and utility information into greenhouse gas emissions. Our flexible ERP lets you report on Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions and apply custom factors as needed.

  • Track scope 1, 2, and 3 at meter, building, and portfolio level
  • Automatic GHG conversions (eGRID)
  • Custom, date effective GHG factors
  • Manage GHG factors in bulk
  • Define default GHG factors per resource time

Easily track energy program success

Measure the success of your energy programs instantly. Our ERP lets you create baselines and validate your data against it—giving you an accurate measure of the energy savings and the impact on the environment.

Get information at the level you want

Drill down to the level of detail that matters to you. Regions, divisions, buildings, meters, tenants, and submeters. Track the commodities that are important to you.

  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Types of water
  • Fleet fuels
  • Renewables
  • Telecom
  • And much more

Compliance and security

Eliminate the burden to meet state and local mandates by automatically integrating with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®. View ENERGY STAR® ratings and metrics directly in EnergyCAP. You can trust your data will be handled with the most advanced security measures.

"Without the data generated by EnergyCAP, we would be comparing apples to oranges and people in our institution would not be able to see how their energy conservation efforts add up."
Matthew Edwards // Energy Specialist
"It is incredible to me what shared challenges and situations higher ed has and EnergyCAP really really gets that, which I appreciate."
Andrea Moore // Utility Analyst
“EnergyCAP allows me to run a wealth of reports to show others in our institution how we are doing. Benchmarking with this software can show us what has happened, what’s happening, as well as what to...
Matthew E.
"The chargeback piece of this application is probably the main thing that drew us to a standardized solution and especially to EnergyCAP. We have pretty much every imaginable billing scenario I think...
George Paterson, Energy Control Manager
"With EnergyCAP, I was astonished to see how many meters were not in use. It saved us thousands of dollars. There was 1 meter that we paid $3k a month for that just went away because we weren't...
Tiffanie Trueblood // Database Coordinator
“Our organization has taken piles of bills, endless spreadsheets, and countless amounts of time and utilized EnergyCAP to become extremely efficient with all our utility management needs.”
Tony W.
“It has literally helped our organization identify and save hundreds of thousands of dollars and identify problems such as leaks and other operational issues in a faster manner.”
Tony W.
“Don't settle for some half-baked program when you can have the best. I just got a refund of $350,000 from using EnergyCAP data to prove to the water company were being overbilled.”
Patrick B.
“EnergyCAP enabled us to identify our worst performing buildings in terms of energy use intensity, and we have been able to see and track our progress in this very transparent platform.”
Jeff W.
“Very easy to navigate and organize. Can easily find information whenever it is needed. When others ask for specific information on energy use, the answer usually comes within minutes.”
Mark B.
“Every year, legislators want an understanding of what our university system's utilities consumption is and why it is the way it is. EnergyCAP provides an easy-to-use platform that captures all of...
Justin N.
“EnergyCAP provides us with a one-stop-shop for all of our utility reporting needs and was the critical missing piece for us in moving forward with our strategic energy management plan in order to...
Jeff W.
“EnergyCAP has allowed us to understand our energy consumption profile better than we ever have, to see areas where we can save energy, and to assess possible sustainability initiatives.”
Coleman L.

A tradition of service & success

For more than 40 years, the EnergyCAP mission has been to simplify energy and sustainability data management. Combining your strengths and ours, we'll partner to build a more sustainable world through responsible management of finite resources.

CAPture services

Accurate, timely, and dependable data is key to your success. Make manual data entry a thing of the past and let us do the work for you. We capture utility bill data in any format and also capture smart meter interval data from available sources.

Professional services

Our team of industry experts are here to guide you through your data journey from expert implementation to advanced consultation, to becoming an extension of your team. We’re here to help you do your best work and achieve your goals.

Expert training

Whether you are new to EnergyCAP or if you just need a refresher course, we are committed to helping you and your team maximize the value from the software. We offer online or in person customized training to meet your specific needs.

Manage energy and sustainability better with EnergyCAP

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