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Cost Avoidance

Measure and verify the effectiveness of energy management programs and track savings using EnergyCAP's cost avoidance feature.

Quantify the impact of your energy cost management projects

Cost Avoidance is the measurement and verification (M&V) of energy and cost savings because of energy management projects. The result is the dollars you avoided spending because of the implementation of energy management activities.

The gold standard for energy cost avoidance calculations

EnergyCAP UtilityManagement™ Cost Avoidance methodology and core calculations date back to 1982, when EnergyCAP UtilityManagement’s predecessor (FASER Energy Accounting) first introduced Cost Avoidance. UtilityManagement uses the Whole Facility Method in the International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP). Members of the pioneering team of software engineers and developers who introduced Cost Avoidance are still refining and enhancing EnergyCAP UtilityManagement today. Over the years, these principles have served the needs of thousands of energy managers and assessed billions of dollars in energy management projects.

How does cost avoidance analysis work?

EnergyCAP UtilityManagement calculates the savings attributable to energy management by comparing current bills with an adjusted baseline year. The process automatically accounts for major variables, including weather (degree days), billing period length, floor area changes, and commodity price, and lets you enter adjustments for other changes such as occupancy, schedule, and equipment retrofits.

Accurate cost avoidance analysis of energy saving projects helps you make better decisions about future spend. Knowing exactly how much energy you’re no longer using, and paying lower bills, opens opportunities to fund other projects, add tools, and address staffing needs.

Tracking energy saving projects across industries

Energy management projects look vastly different across industries. Retail may focus on lighting and HVAC adjustments based around traffic foot patterns, while large government, higher education, and commercial campuses prioritize installing more efficient materials across all of their buildings. No matter what industry you serve, quantifying the outcome of your energy saving projects is key to managing and controlling energy costs. 

Energy Managers love Cost Avoidance!

"This software has dramatically improved our ability to track and manage energy and water usage and cost at a county-wide level and at all levels, down to a by-meter level for an individual building....
Carrie W.
"The system is so user friendly and the reports are useful in finding ways to cut energy costs for a city with numerous accounts. If I have any questions regarding ANYTHING, I am always answered quickly."
Susan Davis // Accounting Technician
"Not only has EnergyCAP saved us time and made us more productive in tracking our energy costs, but we have been able to identify misapplied payments, ensure that when facilities move the utilities...
Lisa Roberts // Manager, Engineering Administration
“EnergyCAP allows me to run a wealth of reports to show others in our institution how we are doing. Benchmarking with this software can show us what has happened, what’s happening, as well as what to...
Matthew E.
"We’ve been using EnergyCAP for around 2 years now, and in just that time period alone, we’ve saved thousands of dollars in direct refunds to our company from errors found in bills. … The greatest...
Coleman Lewis // Power Procurement Supervisor
"Without the data generated by EnergyCAP, we would be comparing apples to oranges and people in our institution would not be able to see how their energy conservation efforts add up."
Matthew Edwards // Energy Specialist

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