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Phone: 877.327.3702
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10 Energy Manager Superhero Skills


Meet Energy Captain.

He’s defender of the energy budget, an enemy of waste, and protector of the bottom line!

Energy Captain fights full time to keep energy use in check, and in his tireless pursuit of energy efficiency, he saves his company a financial bundle. Using super skills and an awesome technological arsenal, Energy Captain is able to turn any crisis into green savings—financial and environmental. Is it a bird? A plane?

Nay, it’s Energy Captain—the competent and well-equipped energy manager—ready to spring into action at the first sign of trouble from those evil ewogs (energy-wasting hogs), no matter what form they take.

Energy Captain battles his nemeses with 10 Super Tools including his:

  • Data-Density Specs
  • Audit Utility Belt
  • Charge-Deflecting Body Armor
  • Team Alert Beacon
  • Future-Warp Time-Bender

So if you’re not feeling like the “super” you are, enjoy this White Paper from EnergyCAP. Then go out and save the world, one kilowatt at a time!