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10 Most Popular Blogs from 30-Day Series

In January, we published a blog post every day—save New Year’s Day—in order to jumpstart 2014. Some posts had everything to do with energy management, but not all of them. Some were about client savings, software features, company news, or the workplace.

But just because you subscribe to our blog doesn’t mean you read all the blog posts last month. Sometimes you were tired of reading. Sometimes your inbox was too full. Sometimes you clicked delete just to feel powerful. We get it, we did, too. iStock_000013316476Small

So in case you missed a popular post or two, here’s a countdown of the ten most popular blog posts from the 30 Blogs in 30 Days Series (drum roll, please):

#10: My Massage With Al Pacino: 5 Steps to Worry-Free Living

True story! I went on vacation and had a massage with Al Pacino. I had no idea what I was getting into, but wish I had followed these five steps to worry-free living. 

#9: 26 Spectacular Software Features for Stellar Energy Managers

What’s the difference between good software and great software? Here are 26 features that make energy management software great. There’s a feature for every letter from A to Z.

#8: Why Telling Stories Is Better Than Telling Facts

It’s easier to find a fact than tell a story. But sometimes sharing a story is better. This post explains why.

#7: 4 Types of Energy Benchmarking

A helpful tool in energy analysis is benchmarking. This post describes four different types of benchmarking and why they’re useful.

#6: 10 Good Things About My Blood Clot

I suffered a blood clot on Christmas Day. You’re right—this post isn’t about energy management, but it could change the way you look at your job.

#5: Embarrassing [Video]

Although we sent eight videos out, only one made the top ten. Why? Everyone loves a scandal. You should be ashamed of yourself.

#4: How Does EDI Work for Utility Bills?

EDI is an interest and a mystery to our readers. This post explains the basics of electronic data interchange so you can replace manual bill entry with electronic bills.

#3: 5 Ways to Stop Thinking About Work At Home

Apparently you’re not the only one thinking about work when you’re at home. This post offers five ways to rescue your mind from thinking about work when you don’t have to.

#2: 10 Free Online Tools for Energy Managers

Everyone likes free stuff, right? What if it helps you do your job? This list contains free online tools for energy managers including unit conversions, weather data, financial incentives, and training.

And the most popular post of the series?

#1: 10 Remarkable Habits of Successful Energy Managers

Meeting your goals requires the right habits. Our readers know this already–they’re the smartest out there–which is why this post was #1. Hooray for remarkable habits that make you successful. Carry on.

Thank you for giving us a part of your day to read our blog.