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We’ve been blogging recently about personnel and departments here at EnergyCAP, and today we’d like to introduce you to our illustrious Sales team.

Nationally, EnergyCAP sales are handled by five staff members who all work out of our company headquarters in State College, PA. They are responsible for pursuing marketing leads, attending trade shows, making contacts with prospect organizations, generating and processing RFI/RFP documents, and generally making the sales process as convenient, pleasant, and effective as possible for our valued prospects and clients.

I think you will enjoy meeting them!

JOHN HEINZ (a.k.a. “Coach”)

As Vice President of Sales, John is the leader of his sales team, but he’s a team player and sports fan who might prefer the title of “Coach.” His previous work experience in professional baseball as a sales representative for the Colorado Rockies only whetted his appetite. Whether it’s coordinating a fantasy football league or organizing a company softball team, John can and will make it happen. He’s chomping at the bit to get his two-year-old son involved in team sports.

John has been with EnergyCAP since November of 2005. A genuine people person, he loves interacting with prospects and clients, getting to know them, and matching their needs with EnergyCAP products and services. John also enjoys hearing individual and corporate client success stories.

When John isn’t coaching his sales team, he’s taking care of his wife and son, working out, mountain biking, swimming, and playing or watching sports. He slows down just long enough to travel to the Jersey shore every year for vacation.

BLAINE CLAPPER (a.k.a. “The Personal Trainer”)

Blaine may very well be the sales staffer with the lowest body fat percentage. It’s rumored to be off the charts. A certified personal trainer, Blaine leads an interval training workout class for company staff. It’s been unofficially dubbed “Blaine’s Hour of Pain.” He works out frequently “for fun” and brings the same dedication to his work with EnergyCAP clients and prospects.

Blaine’s official title is Assistant Vice President of Sales, and he has been working for EnergyCAP in a variety of roles for many years. Blaine says that although “winning” an RFP and receiving a signed contract are rewarding, his favorite job-related activity is speaking with energy and facility managers who have been using EnergyCAP for years and are continuing to realize the application’s benefits year after year.

“The value of my work – and that of all EnergyCAP employees – is illustrated in the library of client success stories we have amassed over the years,” he said. “Seeing the same satisfied customers year after year at our annual Catalyst user group conference confirms that we maintain satisfied customers for the long-term, and they are satisfied customers because they receive value from EnergyCAP in the form of increased efficiency, decreased energy consumption, and monetary savings.”

Blaine says that sales comes easy for him, and he credits the product for his success: “I know EnergyCAP works, because my customers confirm it on a frequent basis. Sales, in general, is enjoyable because every day is unique. I never know from day to day who I may speak with, what questions I may be asked, what objectives I may face. That keeps it fresh and exciting.”

Blaine’s “best” job is helping take care of his two children. He also enjoys hitting the gym with his wife, hiking, biking, travel, and volunteer work for the local YMCA as a fundraiser and board member.

ADAM WETZEL (a.k.a. “Big Dog”)

As a Sales Account Manager at EnergyCAP since October of 2008, Adam Wetzel is a team player who is helping out on the Catalyst Experience Team and has assisted the Technical Services department with implementation tasks to gain additional insights into product capabilities and client requests.

His commitment to camaraderie extends to his favorite job activity—day-to-day communication with leads and clients. Adam says he especially likes to work with them to find the software solution that meets their needs while making their lives and their jobs better.

At home, Adam shares his time generously with his girlfriend and two dogs. He also likes playing the guitar, fitness and athletic activities, and the great outdoors.

PHIL KOLB (a.k.a. “The Big Fisherman”)

Phil is a Marketing Account Manager at EnergyCAP, where he has worked in Marketing and Sales since January of 2009.
Phil brings a passion for teaching and learning to his role at EnergyCAP, as well as a colorful education and employment history that includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography (GIS and Cartography) and work for the federal Department of Commerce as an Art Director and Graphic Designer.

His ability to remain calm in challenging situations, and his ability to receive and effectively channel criticism have made him uniquely qualified for his work in Sales. Phil says that he especially enjoys personal interactions: “When a prospect or client says that they understand—no more questions—it all makes sense,” he told me. “It’s satisfying to have successfully communicated and connected with them.”

Phil is married to a Penn State nutritionist. They have a son in second grade and a dog. When Phil is not at EnergyCAP, he enjoys spending time with family, hikes in the woods, bass fishing, Penn State football, and graphic design.

TED GARLIN (a.k.a. “Skipper”)

Ted Garlin is a Sales Account Manager at EnergyCAP, and has been with the company since April of 2013.

Ted played a starring role in last year’s Gilligan’s Island-themed Catalyst video, but his favorite job activity is meeting a prospect’s needs and developing them into “happy, successful clients.” Ted sees real value in EnergyCAP, and has embraced his sales role as a result.

“My main goal is to generate new Clients of EnergyCAP,” Ted said. “This puts me in a unique position to be part of helping organizations gain better insight into their utility bill and energy data, which in turn enables them to make better and smarter decisions as an organization when it comes to their energy management goals.”

Outside of work, Ted is captain to four very active children who keep him on his toes.

If you haven’t yet met our Sales team “up close and personal,” now you have a better idea who they are, and what they bring to EnergyCAP. And if you’re not currently an EnergyCAP user, think about contacting Sales@EnergyCAP.com and starting a conversation!