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Reinventing Campus Distributions & Tenant Rebilling

chargebacksWebinar_blogChargebacks (aka, Allocations, Re-billings, Distributions): The process by which energy provided to one organization is then allocated across multiple other departments or facilities. In practice, the organization’s Accounting or Facilities Department acts as the internal energy “vendor” for the rest of the campus,

which may be a college or university, or it could be a hospital, prison, resort, industrial complex, or any shared facility configuration.


Regardless of the term you use, the process of properly calculating and applying chargebacks across a large organization of disparate space types can be very challenging and time-consuming. In a very high percentage of cases, the allocations are calculated by spreadsheets that are (1) incredibly complex and inflexible, (2) data restricted—e.g., ignore demand charges, (3) completely independent of the accounting system, (4) inaccessible by end-users, and (5) created and understood by one individual who, someday, is going to retire. Sound familiar?

EnergyCAP’s Chargebacks module has, for over twenty years, provided a more effective, easier-to-use and -maintain alternative to spreadsheets. The functionality has evolved substantially over numerous EnergyCAP iterations and has resulted in EnergyCAP being the de facto standard for chargebacks management. And we are still improving the process.


On Wednesday, April 10, 2019, we’re hosting a webinar titled, Reinventing Campus Distributions & Tenant Rebills to demonstrate our latest Chargebacks management functionality. If chargebacks, allocations, re-bills, or distributions are (or should be) part of your energy accounting program, I encourage you to attend the webinar. You’ll see firsthand how we have reinvented the chargebacks process and quickly recognize the shortcomings of your complex spreadsheets.

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