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10 Ways to Measure, Manage, Save


For more than 30 years, EnergyCAP software has helped users get value from energy data in ten different ways. Users have saved energy, money, and time through EnergyCAP. You could be next.


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  1. Eliminate Billing Errors. Utility companies aren’t perfect—mistakes happen. Our software spotted an $873,000 over-billing that resulted in a one million dollar refund.
  2. Fast Processing of Utility Invoices. National chains and large property managers who receive thousands of monthly utility invoices can use EnergyCAP to rapidly process bills via manual entry and EDI for under $2. One retailer saves $380,000 a year.
  3. Make Wise Energy Purchase Decisions. Customer Choice programs save money by letting you select the lowest-cost vendors, generators and producers, but they require accurate energy use data. EnergyCAP gives you information to make the best choices.
  4. Submetering, Cost Allocation and Re-Billing. Managing the cost accounting for a large university-owned utility system is a complex and difficult task. EnergyCAP gives you a single tool for submeter readings, virtual accounts, tariffs, cost allocation, and reporting.
  5. Uncover Account Ownership Errors. Are you paying for someone else’s energy? It sounds simple enough, yet large organizations often find they’re still paying for former leased space. One hospital chain didn’t notice a $15,000 error for eight years.
  6. Motivate Occupants to Conserve. Your dilemma—you have thousands of switches and thermostats, yet the occupants control them. EnergyCAP reports show saving energy is important, and you’re monitoring your occupants’ energy consumption.
  7. Identify Building Control Problems, Inefficient Facilities and Spot Leaks. You can’t manage what you can’t see. Interval data charts, benchmarks, trends, profiles, and comparisons help you identify inefficient facilities. Also, interface with ENERGY STAR.
  8. Track and Report Greenhouse Gas Emissions and "Green Energy" Credits. Ninety percent of greenhouse gases come from energy usage, so EnergyCAP is the perfect platform for carbon tracking and reporting. Comprehensive features allow for organization-wide greenhouse gas tracking.
  9. Perform Energy Savings Measurement & Verification. Performance Contracting is the preferred method for energy retrofit projects, but not without accurate and timely “cost avoidance” reports. EnergyCAP, Inc. pioneered cost avoidance calculations.
  10. Improve Budgeting, Accruals, Accounting. EnergyCAP’s cost and usage budget, forecasting, and accrual features save time and money on the tricky and often time-consuming tasks of utilities cost accounting and management.