At EnergyCAP, Inc., we don't just want buyers—we want users. The primary goal of our Technical Services team is to help you become a successful EnergyCAP user.


Soon after you buy an EnergyCAP Enterprise license, our Technical Services team starts working for you. Since every client is different, we offer various implementation services. Our team of Certified Energy Managers and Business Energy Professionals deliver quality, personalized service to assist you in achieving your business goals and objectives.


Good training improves your success. That's why our training services are flexible and comprehensive to fit your needs and your budget. In fact, we're proud to offer more training opportunities than any other company in the industry. Our project managers serve as training facilitators. Every day they use EnergyCAP to assist clients, and they’ll pass their expertise on to you.

CAPture Savings

Our energy professionals will also pass savings onto you. Through our optional CAPture Savings service, we’ll look into your EnergyCAP database for cost recoveries. It’s a shared savings opportunity with absolutely no risk or out-of-pocket expense to you.

Bill Processing

We can also assist with bill processing services. If you’re short on staff, but not on utility bills, we can help you get your bills into EnergyCAP quickly and effectively, freeing up your staff to do what they do best.

Demand Response

Demand Response enables organizations to earn quarterly payments by agreeing to be ready to curtail electric power or switch to backup generators when the grid is under stress or electricity prices are unusually high. When this occurs, the sponsoring utility or grid operator may initiate a demand response event by contacting you a day in advance. Customers then curtail their electrical use during a few designated hours of the day.

Maintenance & Support

To make sure you receive technical support when you need it, as well as exciting software upgrades, we offer maintenance & support services. With a full slate of services, EnergyCAP, Inc. is ready to serve you.


EnergyCAP employee
Ryan Ohlson
VP of Implementation Solutions & COO
"Our technical services team offers a full slate of expert services. We’d like to help you achieve your goals."