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Cenergistic builds customized, comprehensive, people-based energy conservation programs that help organizations reduce their consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, and water. The resulting financial savings can then be invested in the lives of the people served by Cenergistic’s clients, not utility companies. Cenergistic clients include school districts, universities, community colleges, and large churches that share a common commitment to fiscal and social responsibility and the wise use of limited financial and environmental resources.

EnergyCAP Canada

EnergyCAP Canada, Inc. (ECC) has been providing energy efficiency and management information solutions to entities across Canada since 2003 and is an independent reseller of EnergyCAP, Inc.’s products and services. Subscribing to the adage “What gets measured, gets managed,” ECC’s energy management solutions enable organizations to track, analyze, and forecast utility billing and energy consumption trends, leading to improved operational efficiencies and cost savings.

ECC is passionate about energy management and conservation. For a personalized EnergyCAP demonstration, Canadian organizations are encouraged to contact ECC: