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"We have very specific goals to reach certain levels of conservation and efficiency. So, EnergyCAP supports all these initiatives. EnergyCAP is going to help us do the benchmarking and from there we can prioritize energy efficiency projects."

Patricia Gomez, Sustainability/Energy Program Manager at Miami-Dade County
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"It was important to the Energy Office to find a platform that would be robust enough to hold and track all of the details that were needed to support tracking energy reduction, as well as support our purchasing of deregulated commodities. I think that it is clear that our Office would not function well or efficiently without [EnergyCAP]."

Emily Hunter Soontornsaratool, Energy Data Program Manager, State of Maryland
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"The system is so user friendly and the reports are useful in finding ways to cut energy costs for a city with numerous accounts. If I have any questions regarding ANYTHING, I am always answered quickly."

Susan Davis, Accounting Technician at City of San Bernardino
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"We use this software to track a very large number of accounts across a diverse state that is completely deregulated for electricity and natural gas supply. We have many locations, vendors and reporting needs. This software has met all of the ones we have faced so far. … The company has been terrific with great response time and better yet, they are always friendly and cheerful no matter what we have done or problem we have created for ourselves."

Kathleen Slusher, Director of Energy Procurement at State University of New York

"The integration and automation features of EnergyCAP will greatly enhance our efforts to manage our many utility accounts, track and analyze usage data, and find ways to reduce energy consumption in City buildings. The City of Chandler will be a more efficient organization with EnergyCAP."

Kris Kircher, Facility Maintenance Manager, City of Chandler

"The benchmarking and reporting capabilities allow us to focus on directing our energy and limited resources to the "problem" buildings. The technical support services are very responsive and easy to work with."

Harry Vandermeer, Director, COE FME & Energy at Alberta Health Services

"Without the data generated by EnergyCAP, we would be comparing apples to oranges and people in our institution would not be able to see how their energy conservation efforts add up."

Matthew Edwards, Energy Specialist at Iowa Valley Community College District

"Not only has EnergyCAP saved us time and made us more productive in tracking our energy costs, but we have been able to identify misapplied payments, ensure that when facilities move the utilities get disconnected, identify missing bills and more importantly, we can identify our energy costs down to the use/day! This has all caused us to be a more energy conscious company."

Lisa Roberts, Manager, Engineering Administration at UniFirst Corporation
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"We’ve been using EnergyCAP for around 2 years now, and in just that time period alone, we’ve saved thousands of dollars in direct refunds to our company from errors found in bills. … The greatest value that our company receives from EnergyCAP is transparency in our utility cost and consumption, and enhanced ability to find potential billing errors that often result in refunds or bill credits. Savings and refunds found through the software have essentially paid for the cost of EnergyCAP."

Coleman Lewis, Power Procurement Supervisor at Pioneer Natural Resources
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