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5 Super Skills for the Energy Manager

It shouldn’t take a superhero to manage energy.

But suppose it did. What would be his superpowers? Meet Energy Captain.

He’s the defender of the energy budget, an enemy of waste, and protector of the bottom line! Energy Captain fights full time to keep energy use in check, and in his tireless pursuit of energy efficiency, he saves his company a financial bundle.

Using super skills and an awesome technological arsenal, Energy Captain is able to turn any crisis into green savings—financial and environmental. He’s ready to spring into action at the first sign of trouble from those evil ewogs (energy-wasting hogs), no matter what form they take.

Here are five of his favorite skills and tools. But alas, it doesn’t take a superhero. It just takes EnergyCAP.


  • Data-Density Specs. To spot the sneakiest ewogs, Energy Captain needs to see through the densest data. That’s why he dons his powerful Data-Density Specs.They enable him to penetrate the murkiest information. By setting his gaze to molecular, Energy Captain can peer through any organizational obstacle and find a solution—fast!

EnergyCAP energy management software helps you take raw data and make it meaningful. Using financial and organizational hierarchies you can isolate a single property, meter, cost center, or account, in order to size up a problem and set priorities.

  • Electrono Mitts. Energy Captain has a singular weakness—paper. It slows him down and stresses him out. With paper, he can make mistakes. But thanks to his Electrono Mitts, he never has to worry. These handy Mitts (no, they’re not mittens) transform pulpy matter into electron particles that he can whiz through the airwaves, transforming paper kryptonite into electromight!

When invoices from vendors are electronically imported into EnergyCAP, then shared with your accounting software, you can spend more time efficiently managing your resources, and less time searching for reliable data.

  • Get ‘Er Done Easy Gun. When Energy Captain is battling the mischievous Invoice Minions from the realm of Balance Due, he needs a weapon he can trust. With his Get ‘Er Done Easy Gun, he simply aims, blasts, and takes no prisoners, eliminating scores of foes with a single pull of the trigger!

EnergyCAP’s powerful audits and accounts payable export feature helps you improve and automate bill verification and payment processes while eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

  • Audit Utility Belt. When those ewogs are swarming, Energy Captain’s Audit Utility Belt is just the right tool to help him escape. With the confidence of a Jedi and the deftness of a surgeon, he suffers not even a scratch from his foes.

EnergyCAP’s audit library has over 50 audits that help you to flag unusually high or low usage, missing bills, and abnormal billing dates. You can even set up audits to run automatically.

  • UltraStrength ExoMuscles. UltraStrength ExoMuscles give Energy Captain the power of ten men! When the Energy League needs to stop a building from sinking into waste-sand, they can call one person instead of an army. Energy Captain’s ultra-strength helps him restore at-risk buildings to new levels of performance excellence.

You need energy management software strong enough to keep up with the latest standards and regulations. Since EnergyCAP automatically submits building data to ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager while maintaining all your energy data on a single platform, you can focus more of your time and energy on ensuring that all your properties are making the grade.

  • Charge-Deflecting Body Armor.  Energy Captain is constantly taking fire from his ewog nemesis, Masquerade! Masquerade’s impostor-darts stick to unsuspecting hosts, sapping needed resources and supplies. That’s why Energy Captain wears a specially designed suit that deflects the stickiest projectiles. When impostor-darts fly in, they instantly deflect off his super armor, and careen towards a more suitable target.

With EnergyCAP, submeter readings can be used to create accurate chargeback invoices for customers, building tenants, or departments. Cost allocation and re-billing are vital business practices for many organizations.

Can you think of other skills or tools that would be helpful to Energy Captain? You can comment by clicking here.

Or to discover five more super skills and tools, read the white paper.