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7 Exciting New Features in 3.2 [Video]

The newest release of EnergyCAP contains seven exciting features to increase your effectiveness. These improvements include: chargeback submeter distribution, meter reading routes, rate creation, channel management, target line comparison, custom audits, and an EnergyCAP API.

To learn more, watch the highlight video or read the summary list.


Chargeback Submeter Distribution

Create bills from monthly submeter readings. This new feature replaces Calculated Accounts in the installed EnergyCAP software. Many of the complex submeter billing needs that were previously handled with specialized, hard-to-maintain scripts can now be easily created through the new intuitive interface.

Meter Reading Routes

Routes have been integrated with the submeter chargeback functionality. Manage membership in routes and enter monthly meter readings.

Rate Creation

An integral part of creating internal chargeback bills is the ability to create simple rates for use with many chargebacks. Create simple rate structures, specifically intended for use when creating submeter chargeback bills. These rates are compatible with installed EnergyCAP, but include new properties unique to EnergyCAP Online that allow specific meter and account charges to be added as part of the rate structure.

Channel Management

The channel setup process assists users in selecting the best settings for various channel types while preventing selection of incompatible options. While channels of any type can be created and edited, only monthly reading channels are currently used in EnergyCAP Online as part of the submeter chargeback processor.

Target Line Comparison

Display target lines on select use, cost, and GHG charts for Buildings and Meters. The target lines display values from a user-selectable year of prior data. The values can then be increased or decreased to set the effective target (most often a reduction goal of some kind). Each client that purchases this new feature can determine which charts will display the target line, what the multiplier for each goal is, and what label to use for the chart legends.

Custom Audits

Users can now add “Custom Audit 01 (CS01)” (referred to as “Audit 52” in installed EnergyCAP) to new and existing audit groups. The parameters allow a user to specify a stored procedure that will “audit” a bill and execute custom logic as part of an EnergyCAP implementation. Because of the inherent power of working directly in the database, only EnergyCAP-provided audit stored procedures are supported. This functionality provides a path forward for some EnergyCAP clients who wish to significantly reduce the need for, or completely move away from the installed software.

EnergyCAP Online API

The API represents a significant amount of effort that lays a solid foundation for future development and integration. The public API consists of any EnergyCAP-documented API functionality. Use of any other web services with the EnergyCAP application will not be supported for client use or as part of custom integrations. Only the public API will be maintained, versioned, documented and deprecated going forward. API Documentation SlideDeck

Some features are optional, and additional fees may be required to license them. Please contact us if you have questions about which features are included in your license.