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Advanced Accounting features bundle

EnergyCAP UtilityManagement™ has a variety of reports and dashboards built in to help customers with utility bill accounting, budgeting, and accruals. For users with expanded accounting requirements, the comprehensive functionality they need can be achieved at a significant savings when they bundle our powerful trio of accounting features: accounting export, budgets, and bill accruals.

Together, the Advanced Accounting features bundle allows you to save cost by ensuring the utility bills you’re paying are correct, estimate future bills for accruals, and create utility bill budgets you can trust—and adjust anytime.

Get Bill accruals with the Advanced Accounting features bundle and

  • create estimated utility bills based on historical data
  • generate accrual reports for projecting use and cost using current utility data
  • book expected expenses before they are received or paid

Get Budgets with the Advanced Accounting feature bundle and

  • create one budget per fiscal year with unlimited versions
  • compare your actual costs to your budget and make mid-year adjustments
  • reports and Powerviews let you quickly see your status throughout the year

Get Accounting export with the Advanced Accounting features bundle and

  • let EnergyCAP audit and verify utility bills before you pay them, then send them to you for approval
  • import approved bills into your platform—accounting export works with any financial system
  • save time and cost, and eliminate manual processes

Bundle any 2 accounting features and get one at 50% off the retail rate​

Combine all three and get one for free – a 33% savings

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