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An Announcement From EnergyCAP’s Company Chaplain

EnergyCAP, Inc. is based on Christian business principles, and we have a company chaplain. In addition to leading our marketing department, I stepped into the chaplain position in 2015. Today’s blog comes from me as the company chaplain.

You know, life’s unpredictable. You don’t know what’s going to happen. I didn’t know that when I was 21, I would suffer with depression and be hospitalized. And a few years later, after our daughter was born, I didn’t know that we would deal with infertility – the doctors would say we couldn’t have any more children.

That led us to adopt our two boys. I didn’t know how parenting two traumatized boys who had never known a father would be. And I didn’t know that at 36, I would get a blood clot in my lung, which would challenge any concept that I was really in control of my life. Yeah, life has been pretty unpredictable. But do you know what was constant in those dark, uncertain times?


People prayed for me. They prayed I would smile again, would put one foot in front of the other, grow a family that was different than the one I had planned, would find peace and love to share that I didn’t think was there, and do it all with the nectar of joy and purpose you only have when life has been threatened. And you know what? I did…eventually.

Sometimes things happen that are unpredictable, and sometimes our resources and abilities and knowledge make us think we can pull through ourselves. But we can’t.

Ask For Prayer

So as the company chaplain, I’d like to offer you what was done for me. You’re welcome to ask for prayer anytime by filling out this form. Your request is kept confidential because I’m the only person who sees the form. So whether things are going swimmingly and you just want reinforcement or you’re lost at sea and drowning, none of us need to feel alone.

New Blog

And speaking of not feeling alone, some of you are interested in connecting your faith with your work. You’ve decided your faith is too important to leave at home. I’m happy to announce our new blog at PrayerAtWork.com, where we’ll help you connect with God at your workplace. You can sign up for a weekly email to encourage your connection with God at work.

Learn more and subscribe to the emails at www.PrayerAtWork.com.