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Are You Due for a Checkup?

stethoscope.jpgEnergyCAP clients who attended this spring’s Catalyst Training for Savings conference were given a prescription for a healthy EnergyCAP user experience by CEO Steve Heinz at the closing keynote session.

That keynote is being sliced and diced into a blog series that will assist our valued customers in maximizing the value of their EnergyCAP investment. The series will also highlight some common energy management issues and solutions 

that are independent of your specific energy management solution. Stay tuned for future installments in the series. Here’s an overview of what’s in store:

Do you have Dyspepsia?

Bad utility bill data may be giving you indigestion. We’ll help you learn how to use audits and check reports to cure what ails you.

Take the Stairs

Good exercise is so important for good health. And one important stair step in your EnergyCAP exercise program is to use audits!

Symptoms of Diplopia?

If you’re seeing double in some of your energy accounts, it could be due to mixed units of measure. Have you tried using the UOM fixer?

Seeing Stars?

Had a fall? Seeing stars? Take heart. Some STARS are good, especially ENERGY STARs. Have you set up your automated ENERGY STAR submission? Do it soon!

Plantar Fasciitis in your present (or future)?

Your feet might ache because you are carrying around an abnormal load…factor.  Find out which report will spot it. And find out what the heck it is.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Do your buildings or meters feel alone and isolated from their peers? Perhaps they need to join a peer group in Groups & Benchmarking. It’s easy to create groups, and even easier to derive benefits from groups that EnergyCAP creates for you—automatically.

New Treatment for Arrhythmia!

Some buildings have abnormal heartbeats. A new update from EnergyCAP, Smart CAPture interval data, will spot it. Smart CAPture lets you start capturing savings before you even receive the utility bill!

Missing a Prescription?

If you are tired of generic energy management cures, then it’s time to write your own prescription by creating Bill Lists customized for your specific needs!

Select columns, set filters, arrange column order, set sort order (even multi-layer), export your lists and columns to Excel, select and act on many bill records at once! You can even drill down into individual bill records. We’ll show you how.

Time for a Rhytidectomy

Does your data need a facelift? It’s OK—the operation is safe! Update sheets will make revisions and corrections easy-peasy. Learn how to use the Setup Manager.

Biofeedback Therapy

Do your building managers need help? Do you want to know how they’re doing? CAL28 and YY19A are great new building reports. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Keying too many utilty bills? EnergyCAP’s Bill CAPture program can help you out. Find out more!

The EnergyCAP Health Checkup series should be helpful, healthy, and fun. Keep your eyes open for future installments in this blog!