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BPO – Business Process Outsourcing – has been on the rise for years. The outsourcing of back office services that are not core competencies of the organization, yet require high skill level, is particularly attractive.

Now, more than ever, organizations are saying “B-P-Okay!” COVID-era budgets are cut, pressure is on for headcount reductions, and work-from-home employees are struggling to efficiently perform back office tasks. And the higher the skill level required, the more difficult it is to backfill positions due to turnover and reduced personnel availability.

One mundane yet crucial high skill level back office task is processing and paying the utility bills. Utility vendors have not shown a lot of compassion in extending payment terms or offering a late fee holiday. It’s here that EnergyCAP Bill CAPture clients have benefitted the most from their BPO of utility bill processing. Bill receipt, upload, auditing, and accounts payable interfaces have continued to operate uninterrupted, seamlessly, and late fee-free, and at a fraction of the cost of in-house bill receipt and keying to A/P. Even better, EnergyCAP’s Bill CAPture service records every bill line item, so your energy, facilities, and sustainability managers have rich and valuable usage, demand, and cost details.

There’s probably never been a better time to say “B-P-Okay” and talk to us about the benefits, costs, and onboarding process for automated utility bill processing. And one final note…many bill processing outsourcers want it all—bill receipt, processing, and payment. Your Accounts Payable department is already paying thousands of all sorts of invoices, so for many organizations it makes little sense to split out utility bill payment to a third party. EnergyCAP passes your audited, approved invoice transactions to your A/P system for economical payment—no need to share cash “float” and credit card discounts with another party.

COVID or no COVID, utility bill BPO may make great sense for your organization.