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Bill CAPture Service Addresses Major Customer Pain Point

noMoreBills.pngDoes utility bill data entry burden you?

It’s been more than a year now since we began promoting our Bill CAPture service here at EnergyCAP to provide efficient and 

relatively inexpensive ways for our customers to process their utility billing data.

The support and interest we received up front from many long-time users of our energy management software gave us assurance that we were on the right track, and a long-term state government contract will be helping us to build out this robust program even more.

Never Key another Utility Bill

The premise for Bill CAPture is simple. Larger organizations often engage multiple utility vendors to obtain the energy they need for operations. Multiple vendors, commodities, payment and rate schedules, as well as variable billing practices and formats can lead to confusion and incomplete record-keeping. All of this clouds the energy picture.

EnergyCAP’s Bill CAPture service provides a comprehensive solution. Bill CAPture handles:

  • Scanned bill images (via FTP transfer or website download)
  • EDI 810 files
  • Non-EDI flat file bill data (XLS, CSV, TXT and other file formats)
  • Paper bills

Bill CAPture incorporates the latest in digital technology and OCR (optical character recognition) to ensure that all utility bill charges and line item details are captured and imported smoothly into the EnergyCAP database.

Automate and Update Processes

The Bill CAPture service helps ensure that comprehensive billing data is available for energy analysis, with a greater level of consistency and granularity than what may have been practical with manual bill entry methods.

Another perk for our growing customer base is the ability to consistently audit the energy information using automated methods. This approach increases confidence in the reliability of the data. Once the energy data is in EnergyCAP, the powerful reporting options and PowerViews provide visibility and transparency, enabling customers to identify and respond to energy issues more quickly.

Montgomery County Progress

Montgomery County (MD) understands the value of this approach. They purchased the Bill CAPture service late last summer, and completed their enrollment late last year. Moving into 2016, Bill CAPture will enable the County to more quickly access and use utility data.

“Enabling greater visibility to energy data, facilitating benchmarking of County facilities, and streamlining utility bill management is core to the County’s efforts to conserve energy and lower operating costs,” said Eric Coffman, Chief of the Montgomery County Office of Energy and Sustainability.

EnergyCAP software will be used to track approximately 750 utility meters and over 400 Montgomery County buildings. EnergyCAP’s Bill CAPture service will import paper and electronic utility bills from the County’s ten principal energy vendors into the EnergyCAP database.

If you’re curious to find out more about the inner workings of the Bill CAPture process, visit the documentation website at http://billcapture.energycap.com/docs/. And if you’re tired of keying your utility bills, contact our sales team for a personal introduction to the Bill CAPture service.