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Catalyst for Change

“Be a hero!”

That was the message from Steve Heinz, EnergyCAP, Inc. Founder & CEO, as he delivered the closing keynote address at the 2018 EnergyCAP Catalyst training conference. This year’s conference theme was “Change is Coming,” and Steve’s presentation armed the 200 conference attendees with five specific operational and organizational changes they could implement to deliver immediate and long-term energy and cost savings:

  1. Complement EnergyCAP’s analytics with behavior-based energy conservation services from Cenergistic, an EnergyCAP partner since 1987
  2. Instill an energy-focused culture, starting with organization leaders and colleagues
  3. Communicate energy management successes and the benefits thereof organization-wide
  4. Take advantage of interval data analysis to identify issues that may not show up on utility bills: equipment cycling on/off, incorrect startup & set back schedules, concurrent peak demand issues, and more
  5. Transition to the EnergyCAP’s latest version and take advantage of new features and processes


EnergyCAP Version 7, the 26th major new release in EnergyCAP’s long, successful history, was the star of the conference and is the foundation for change. The HTML5-based Version 7 delivers the comprehensive utility bill and energy management functions that have made EnergyCAP the industry standard for more than three decades in a powerful new interface.

Prior to the Catalyst conference, most users had minimal exposure to the recently-released Version 7, so they were eager to receive hands-on training and learn how their respective organizations can benefit from the application’s enhanced features and streamlined workflows. Version 7’s customizable, shareable energy and map dashboards were highlighted as a convenient way to communicate organization-wide.


Customers that rely on EnergyCAP for their customer chargeback/tenant rebilling calculations were impressed by the completely redesigned and more intuitive step-by-step workflow process that’s now available in Version 7, along with enhanced benchmarking functionality and the new SSRS-based report library:


Conference attendees also had the opportunity to learn more about Smart CAPture, a service we offer to automate the import of interval data into EnergyCAP. The Smart CAPture service can “capture” interval data from one or many sources—vendor meters, submeters, BAS, etc.—and import it on a designated schedule, so it’s available for analysis when the customer wants it. Interval data was described as “the most effective tool to bring bottom-line net positive value to an organization,” and with Smart CAPture, interval data is readily available at an estimated annualized five-year cost of less than 1% of the organization’s annual electric bill cost.

The overwhelming opinion among attendees was that this year’s Catalyst conference—the largest in its history—was the best one thus far, and that was reflected in their post-conference feedback:

“All goals and expectations were exceeded!”

“Excellence all the way around…no improvement needed! :)”

“A wonderful way to learn more about the product and network with other users.”

“This was my first Catalyst and I left feeling that all my questions were answered and that everyone there was truly interested in my being successful with the software and all its functions.”

“Thank you for an exceptionally positive and enlightening experience! One to be remembered! : )”

“I cannot wait for the next conference!”

If you attended Catalyst 2018, thank you. You were a valuable contributor to the most successful Catalyst to-date. Please share your favorite conference memory by posting a comment below. For those who were not able to attend but would like to learn more about EnergyCAP Version 7, please Contact Us and plan to attend the next Catalyst conference, which will be held April 28–30, 2020.