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As the recognized leader in Chargebacks software, EnergyCAP’s powerful workflow process organizes bill splits and calculations into repeatable steps, ensuring everyone is following the same process each month.

Chargebacks are most beneficial for campus-type settings (colleges and universities, military installations, and multi-tenant facilities) where it is necessary to create chargeback or rebill invoices for reimbursable and energy management purposes.

If your tenant facilities are submetered, you can easly import readings for chargeback calculations. EnergyCAP has a flexible import process to help you import interval or monthly reading data files from any metering system. Or we can capture and import the meter data for you with our Smart CAPture service.

In addition to submeter readings, you can use bill splits or advanced calculations. Bill splits can be static or based on floor area. Advanced calculations can copy and use the cost or use from another meter or can add or subtract meters.

Product Features