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Cost Avoidance Webinar will Launch New Client Outreach

CA webinar1.jpgToday’s blog highlights a new EnergyCAP webinar series.

Many of our regular readers are familiar with the Energy Leader Webinars (ELWs), which we have been hosting occasionally for a couple of years now. The ELWs have been primarily focused on energy management topics of interest to our primary market segments, and have run the gamut from general to very specialized topics.

Given the success of ELWs, we are now incorporating webinars into other aspects of our business, and next month in response to multiple customer requests, EnergyCAP’s Customer Service department will be initiating a new Client Education webinar series.

clientEducation_logo-1.jpgThe Client Education webinars will highlight key functions and value streams offered by EnergyCAP utility bill management software, but at least some of the topics may be of interest to a much broader segment of our readers, regardless of their energy management software solution.

The first installment in the new series, scheduled for December 7 at 3:00 PM EST, is a good example. Cost Avoidance #1: The Fundamentals of Measurement & Verification will be presented by EnergyCAP CEO Steve Heinz.

Measurement and Verification (M&V) refers to the standards and processes for determination of energy savings due to energy management projects and programs. Cost avoidance in EnergyCAP is a robust M&V solution that is one of EnergyCAP’s best-known and popular modules. It includes valuable calendarization and normalization functionality.

Cost avoidance works by comparing current bills with a normalized baseline year. The normalization process automatically takes into account major variables including weather (degree days), billing period length, floor area changes and commodity pricing, and allows the analyst to enter adjustments for other changes such as occupancy, schedule and equipment retrofits. This comprehensive IPMVP-compliant tool enables you to perform an “apples to apples” comparison of energy use and cost from year to year to accurately evaluate and report on the impact of your energy management efforts.

If you’re considering incorporating M&V into your energy management program (or wondering how to do it better), this would be a great opportunity to learn an approach by an energy industry veteran who helped “write the book” on computerized cost avoidance processes. The webinar will include a Q/A segment.

Below is the registration link to the first installment in the Client Education webinar series.

Cost Avoidance #1: The Fundamentals of Measurement & Verification

We encourage you to register for this free webinar.