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Countdown of Top Blog Posts of 2014

vDayGuyAs the confetti settles from New Year celebrations and party hats are put away, we’d like to offer a top ten blog countdown. In 2014, we published 89 blog posts. Which posts were most popular? Let’s find out as we count down the top blog posts of 2014.

#10: 4 Types of Energy Benchmarking

Four types of energy benchmarking are helpful in energy management.

#9: 5 Options to Avoid Hand-Keying Your Utility Bills [SlideDeck]

Here are five alternatives to hand-keying utility bills into your energy management software.

#8: How to Determine Degree Days and Balance Points for Your Building

By correctly determining your building’s balance point and degree days, you can begin analyzing weather’s impact on your energy usage.

#7: Do Introverts or Do Extroverts Make Better Energy Managers?

Which personality type makes a better energy manager–introvert or extrovert?

#6: 5 Tips for Making Great Energy Management Presentations

Taking cues from presentation experts Nancy Duarte and Dan Roam, here are five tips for creating great presentations.

#5: How Smart Are You? Take Our Energy Manager Quiz

Take the energy manager quiz to see how smart you are at your job.

#4: Why Telling Stories Is Better Than Telling Facts

Here are four reasons why telling stories is better than telling facts at work.

#3: 12 Email Newsletters You Might Want To Meet

Here are 12 email newsletters for energy managers.

#2: 10 Free Online Tools for Energy Managers

Here’s a list of ten free online tools to make the jobs of energy managers a little easier.

#1: How Does EDI Work for Utility Bills?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) can be complex for utility bills, so this blog post clarifies EDI.

Did any posts surprise you for making the list? Keep reading our blog in 2015 for more helpful posts, more ebook offers, and a newly designed blog format.

Our first webinar of 2015 has been recorded. Click the link below to access the recorded webinar and hear EnergyCAP CEO Steve Heinz discuss how you can leave an energy management legacy!

Recorded Webinar: How to Leave an Energy Management Legacy