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District Energy & Sustainability Best Practices

From corporate America to the public sector, energy efficiency and sustainability is a key imperative, making energy & sustainability reporting more important than ever. District Energy operators at higher education institutions and in downtown districts are being challenged to make actionable progress towards decarbonization. District Energy is one of the ways that more sustainable solutions can be implemented at scale for organizations. A common challenge for these operators and the organizations that they serve is a need to be able to report on various aspects of energy data, including cost, consumption, and inherent greenhouse gases. How do you go about making this data available to your stakeholders the way they want to see it? Tune in to this webinar to hear tips and best practices to streamline energy & sustainability reporting.


  • Lalit Agarwal, VP of Energy Management & Sustainability, EnergyCAP, LLC
  • Dave Ulmer, Chief Product & Technology Officer, EnergyCAP, LLC
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