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EnergyCAP, Accuweather partner for more accurate energy use comparisons

EnergyCAP and Accuweather have partnered in a new data sharing agreement.

Improved access to daily degree day data from weather stations around the country will enable EnegyCAP clients to more quickly take into account weather patterns revealed by degree day temperature variations when making month-to-month and year-to-year energy consumptions comparisons.

New EnergyCAP calendarization and normalization modules will use the daily Accuweather temperature data to enable comparisons that are easily verifiable and accurate. Calendarization processes provide for more useful reporting of utility use/cost data represented by utility bills that often span portions of two or even three different months.

By allocating the data to the most appropriate calendar month (calendarization), and by taking the critical weather variable into account when doing the allocation (normalization), EnergyCAP is providing its clients a monthly view of their energy use and cost that is the next best thing to real-time energy monitoring. Apples-to-apples year-to-year comparisons are made possible by normalizing the data to a selected weather ‘base year’.

“Better data visibility and access allows auditing, analytics and reporting, and helps foster cooperation between utility and customer as both seek to eliminate errors and optimize energy usage and cost,” said EnergyCAP CEO Steve Heinz.