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EnergyCAP and BITHENERGY Awarded Energy Management Contract by Virginia Commonwealth University

EnergyCAP, Inc. and BITHENERGY announce the award of a contract for an energy management and utility information system for Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The system is based on the best-selling EnergyCAP energy efficiency software, and will be administered and hosted by BITHENERGY to analyze VCU’s energy usage and utility data.The new energy management system will allow VCU to eliminate billing and metering errors, pinpoint inefficient facilities, optimize utility bill payment processes, streamline energy accounting and budgeting, generate energy analysis reports, and track greenhouse gas emissions. EnergyCAP, Inc. and BITHENERGY jointly provide ongoing energy efficiency services to Maryland’s Department of General Services and the District of Columbia.

“We’re pleased that VCU has joined dozens of other colleges and universities that manage their utility bills and campus-wide chargebacks with EnergyCAP. Energy management at higher education facilities can be complex, but there are often great savings opportunities available. VCU is a particularly notable EnergyCAP client because they first became a user of our industry-leading FASER energy accounting software way back in the 1980s. We, along with BITHENERGY, are excited to move forward to a new era of energy efficiency with VCU,” said Steve Heinz, PE, CEM, the Founder and CEO of EnergyCAP, Inc.