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EnergyCAP Announces 30th Anniversary of Best Selling Energy Management Software

EnergyCAP, Inc. is celebrating its 30-year history of publishing the best selling energy management software. EnergyCAP software has helped thousands of government, education, and business clients to process millions of utility bills and manage their energy information in order to reduce energy spending. EnergyCAP, Inc. proudly celebrates this exciting milestone—an unprecedented achievement for an energy management software publisher.

“Since 1980, we have worked hard to serve the energy efficiency needs of our clients,” said Steve Heinz, Founder and CEO of EnergyCAP, Inc. “As times and technologies have changed, we have continuously innovated with new products, new versions, and new energy-saving solutions. The result is 30 years of industry experience, cutting edge features, and hard-earned authority.”

EnergyCAP, Inc. will celebrate its anniversary by launching a new fully online version of EnergyCAP at the World Energy Engineering Congress on December 8. This Software as a Service version is ideal for small to mid-sized organizations, enabling them to get started quickly and easily without the need for IT or engineering resources. Users can perform utility bill tracking, energy and greenhouse gas analysis, auditing, benchmarking, and reporting. The new software provides automatic ENERGY STAR ratings, degree day weather comparisons, over 200 reports, and a configurable energy dashboard.

“Launching the new online version is a perfect way to recognize not only our past, but our future as well. And the future looks bright!” Heinz said.

Information about the new release and EnergyCAP’s other products—EnergyCAP Enterprise for large organizations and GreenQuest for single buildings—is available at http://www.EnergyCAP.com