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EnergyCAP Announces Enterprise Release 6.2 Availability

EnergyCAP, Inc. has announced the availability of the newest software version of its flagship product, EnergyCAP Enterprise.

The new software, Release 6.2, was made available earlier this month to clients with data hosted by EnergyCAP. Now all other clients wishing to install the upgrade on their PCs and networks can access the installation download.

Enterprise Release 6.2 provides an updated web browser version with major improvements, including a user-configurable Dashboard that enables individual users to customize the application home page with up to four display ‘widgets’. Each widget can capture an EnergyCAP dataset or PowerView, such as use/cost trends and/or summaries. The Groups Manager of EnergyCAP Enterprise has also been improved to enable user permissions and reporting for specific buildings.

Other improvements include:

  • Three new audits (#50, 51, 52)
  • New Custom Spreadsheet templates
  • More bill templates
  • Copy to Clipboard option from the Bills tab and Bills lists
  • More than 60 other fixes, tweaks, and enhancements