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EnergyCAP Climbs to #2 on ENERGY STAR Benchmarking List

It’s official–the #2 provider of automated benchmarking ENERGY STAR services is EnergyCAP, Inc.

According to EnvironmentalExpert.com, EnergyCAP has jumped up three places in the rankings since last year.

The federal ENERGY STAR program provides its own data entry interface, called Portfolio Manager, for comparing building energy expenses. Organizations from all over the country can create a Portfolio Manager account and manually input their utility bill data to benchmark their building energy use with other similar buildings. However, the process can be time-consuming, especially if the organizations wish to regularly benchmark multiple buildings.

As an energy management software supplier, EnergyCAP is one of 39 ENERGY STAR-approved providers of automated benchmarking services. Clients already have all required benchmarking information resident in their EnergyCAP database. All these clients need to do is to select which buildings they wish to regularly benchmark with ENERGY STAR. EnergyCAP does the rest, uploading a year’s worth of utility bill data and building specifications for an entire organization to the Portfolio Manager with little more than a mouse click.

The list of ENERGY STAR providers is updated regularly at the ENERGY STAR website, and the newest revision indicates that EnergyCAP has obtained the #2 ranking by volume of buildings submitted, leapfrogging much larger organizations including Siemens and LPB Energy.