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EnergyCAP Launches Online Energy Management Software

To celebrate its 30-year anniversary, EnergyCAP has released its new fully online energy management software. The software, called EnergyCAP Express, enables small to mid-size organizations such as colleges, local governments, and multi-site businesses to perform energy management functions completely online.

These functions include bill entry, energy and greenhouse gas analysis, auditing, tracking, benchmarking, reporting, and submittal to EPA’s, ENERGY STAR program. With convenient dashboards and Help videos, users can get started quickly and easily without the need for IT or engineering resources.

“While large organizations had been our primary focus, EnergyCAP Express now meets the needs of smaller organizations that have tight facility budgets, increasing energy costs, and new sustainability reporting mandates,” said Steve Heinz, Founder and CEO of EnergyCAP, Inc. “We’re pleased to celebrate our 30-year anniversary with this very significant contribution to energy efficiency and utility bill cost reduction.”

The public is invited to use the initial beta release for free. Benefits of participating include: free use of EnergyCAP Express during the Beta period and 30 day free trial period; 10% discount on the purchase of a license; and the opportunity to offer critical feedback.

In addition to EnergyCAP Express, EnergyCAP, Inc. also offers EnergyCAP Enterprise for large organizations with sophisticated energy information needs, as well as GreenQuest for single building owners.