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EnergyCAP Receives Green Business Partner Award

We’re excited to announce that the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority recently recognized EnergyCAP, Inc. as a 2020 Centre County Green Business Partner. A few examples of EnergyCAP’s green practices and efforts include:

  • Collecting miscellaneous plastics, corrugated cardboard, and plastic bags—EnergyCAP volunteers take the cardboard, miscellaneous plastics, and plastic bags to the appropriate collection sites in Centre County
  • Composting fruit peels, coffee grounds, and other living plant matter—Compost is delivered to a local community garden in our hometown, State College, PA.
  • Encouraging employees to re-use—EnergyCAP employees utilize re-usable plates, cups, and silverware from the office kitchen to reduce the use of single use plasticware. The company purchased a re-usable drink bottle and straw for each employee in support of the re-use effort.  
  • Publishing a quarterly newsletter—Lifestyle tips on how to be “greener” are highlighted, and employees are educated on environmental statistics/facts.
  • Planting and maintaining local pollinator gardens
  • Forming a Green Team to spearhead these programs

In Fall 2020, EnergyCAP representatives will attend an awards luncheon, where we will be formally acknowledged as a Centre County Green Business Partner. Other organizations that have implemented similar sustainable practices will also be in attendance and recognized alongside EnergyCAP, Inc. Centre County’s commitment to green practices like recycling, reusing, sustainable planning, and environmental rehabilitation is sure to be on full display at the event.

What innovative actions or activities has your organization taken to “go green?” Share them below with a comment.