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EnergyCAP Users Lead EPA’s “Top Cities” List Again

Today is Global Wind Day, an international campaign to promote wind as a valuable renewable energy resource. In the spirt of sustainability and energy conservation, we’re pleased to recognize some EnergyCAP customers that are doing their part to reduce energy consumption.

The EPA’s annual Top Cities rankings have been released, and once again the three highest ranking cities—Los Angeles, CA; Washington, DC; San Francisco, CA—are EnergyCAP users. In total, 11 of the Top 25 Cities rely on EnergyCAP for utility bill accounting and energy management (1):

EPA Rank City ENERGY STAR Buildings Floor Area
(Million Sq. Ft.)
Emissions Prevented (MTCO2e) Cost Savings
1 Los Angeles, CA 587 140.5 307,000 $203
2 Washington, DC 549 147.5 537,000 $157
3 San Francisco, CA 341 95.6 263,000 $203
10 Denver, CO 186 52.9 251,000 $41
12 San Diego, CA 164 28.4 56,000 $33
13 Tampa, FL 152 24.5 70,000 $19
15 Minneapolis, MN 133 41.1 226,000 $51
16 Phoenix, AZ 119 24.5 108,000 $22
20 Philadelphia, PA 87 32.0 82,000 $20
22 Sacramento, CA 77 13.9 41,000 $21
23 Portland, OR 65 14.0 34,000 $10

Per the EPA, nearly 6,500 buildings earned ENERGY STAR certification last year. As a group, they saved nearly $1.7 billion on their energy bills and prevented more than 5 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of ENERGY STAR benchmarking and how EnergyCAP’s Portfolio Manager interface can make the process easier, read our eBook:

We congratulate the 2021 ENERGY STAR Top Cities and thank our customers for depending on EnergyCAP as the foundation of their energy management program.

(1) The EnergyCAP software offers an interface to ENERGY STAR’s Portfolio Manager application. The cities listed above may or may not have submitted their buildings to Portfolio Manager via the EnergyCAP interface.