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EnergyCAP’s Advanced Energy Analytics

Do you want to take a deeper dive into your energy data? Need to create a custom report for an upcoming meeting? Want to launch a custom sustainability dashboard? Very soon, you’ll be able to do all of that and more with EnergyCAP’s Report Designer BI.

Report Designer BI makes it easy for EnergyCAP users to gain actionable insights from their energy data using the power and flexibility of their preferred business intelligence applications—Power BI®, Tableau®, Excel, and others.

The Report Designer BI module—a Power BI-based application—connects to a copy of your EnergyCAP database, and access is gained via a provided login username and password. Once connected, you can begin your data analysis right away by using provided data visualizations and report templates. Help documentation will be provided to get new users started. Experienced data analysts can skip the tutorial and template library and jump right into building reports and dashboards in their BI application-of-choice.



Report Designer BI will be available April 27, 2021. It is a regular upgrade for current EnergyCAP Report Designer licensees, and is an optional addition for others. Contact us to learn how you can gain access and start deriving even more value from your complex utility bill data.

If you would like to see Report Designer BI in action, click the link below to register for the product launch webinar.