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EnergyCAP’s New Resource Library: An Overview

Many of our blog readers know that we launched our new website this month. As blog co-author Chris Heinz pointed out recently, the new site provides much better access to a wide variety of content resources. In today’s blog, we will briefly review the seven major content areas of our new online resource library.

Nearly all of our primary content resources can be accessed from the Resources page of our website: www.energycap.com/resources.  We have divided up the resource library into seven major areas:

  1. Case Studies showcase client success using EnergyCAP.
  2. Demos introduce our product offerings
  3. Downloads provide a wide variety of downloadable energy management resources
  4. eBooks provide content-rich, professionally-produced reference materials
  5. Infographics share topics and client experiences with EnergyCAP in an artistic manner
  6. Videos let you learn, laugh, and share a variety of energy management information
  7. Webinars on Demand offer thought leadership on energy-related topics

Each area is accessible from a clickable tab on the green subnavigation bar on the Resources page.

Here is more information about each content area:

Case Studies

EnergyCAP Case Studies are produced in collaboration with representatives from client organizations using the EnergyCAP software. The tone is professional and scholarly, and the content highlights client issues and solutions, stressing the value streams offered by energy management software.

Case studies are valuable for becoming more aware of potential problems and solutions unique to your particular industry segment.

Because of high value and costs associated with case study production, and the high level of reader interest and alignment with our company product offerings, content is usually gated (requiring a form fill-out). Content is provided as a downloadable PDF document.


EnergyCAP Demos are video presentations that feature our software products and services. There are general and industry-specific presentations.

Demos are particularly valuable for gaining a basic understanding of EnergyCAP software, its functionality, and its applications in utility bill management and energy management.

Demos require a form fill-out, and are immediately displayed upon form completion.


Downloads are diverse, miscellaneous content items including tip sheets, templates, feature comparison guides, checklists, assessment tools, and product brochures.

Website visitors will find many items of value in this section.

Depending on the nature or purpose of the downloadable item, content may or may not be gated. Most downloads are delivered as PDF files.


EnergyCAP eBooks are content-rich and focused publications on various energy management topics. Many of the eBooks in our collection began as webinar topics, which were recorded and later transcribed, thoroughly edited, and enhanced with supplementary artwork and content to increase their value and readabiilty.

eBooks are useful and accurate content reference materials.

These high-value digital publications are gated with a form, and delivered in PDF format.


Infographics are images that tell a story. Most of the infographics in our collection were developed in conjunction with case study development. They feature and summarize the client experience artistically, providing an entertaining and enjoyable overview. Some infographics share general and specific energy management topics.

Infographics provide value by sharing energy information in a graphical and creative manner. They are useful for supplementing and clarifying the energy management story around which they were developed.

All EnergyCAP infographics are available for immediate download/distribution.


EnergyCAP videos are short, topical presentations focusing on our company, our clients, and our product offerings. We include interviews, tips, animations, excerpts, lectures, and just plain fun stuff.

Designed for sharing, our video library contains clickable links that will play instantly in your browser.

Webinars on Demand

Our Webinars on Demand library has been developed from our Energy Leader Webinars, a long-running serial production featuring energy management topics and thought leaders. We include a healthy blend of internal and external speakers. The recorded presentations are typically between 30 and 40 minutes in length.

These high-value content-rich educational videos require a form fill-out, and will be immediately displayed in your browser window upon form completion.

We hope you will enjoy and share the many resources available in our new resource library.