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Get Free Degree Day Data on the New and Improved WeatherDataDepot.com

weatherDataDepot_infographic200x450(1)WeatherDataDepot.com is offering free weather degree data from 14,000 locations in the United States and Canada.

EnergyCAP created the website to help building owners and managers understand how weather affects the heating and cooling energy use of their building.

WeatherDataDepot.com specializes in on-demand display of heating and cooling degree day comparisons by accessing meteorologist-approved historical daily mean temperature information from AccuWeather.com, then summing the daily data to produce monthly heating degree day and cooling degree day totals.

This information is very helpful to individuals who are tracking their organization’s heating or cooling energy use from year to year, and who want to take weather differences into account.

The new WeatherDataDepot.com includes:

  • New daily data uploaded every morning
  • Geo-location option for mobile devices
  • Copy to Clipboard button that makes it easy to copy degree day data to a spreadsheet
  • 14-day degree day forecasts that include a comparison between this year (forecast), last year, and a three year average for heating degree days and cooling degree days
  • Charts and graphs that display multi-year comparisons
  • Free Link feature that provides a custom URL for any desired ZIP Code and balance point temperature
  • FAQs of interest to energy managers

A big advantage of WeatherDataDepot.com over the government’s NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) database is that the meteorologist-approved AccuWeather data has no gaps that can skew data and interpretation. Computer models fill in data voids created when NOAA reporting sites have equipment glitches.

Users of WeatherDataDepot.com can select base and comparison years as early as 1993, temperature units (Fahrenheit or Celsius), and even a building Balance Point Temperature (the traditional 65F balance point used by NOAA generally is too high and skews statistical weather normalizations for modern buildings).

WeatherDataDepot.com is part of the family of energy management products produced by EnergyCAP, Inc.

Get your free degree data at www.WeatherDataDepot.com.