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Good News! A/P and GL Export is Coming in ECO

 bill-export1c.pngGood News! A/P and GL Export are coming to EnergyCAP Online, and soon—maybe even this month. 

Our developers are confident that EnergyCAP Online (ECO) 3.4.2 (with a tentative release date in late February for select clients) will include a functioning A/P and GL Export that will duplicate functionality that had previously been available only in the installed version of EnergyCAP Enterprise, including all filter options currently available in EnergyCAP Enterprise. Not only that, but there are some valuable enhancements.

For instance, there is a new “Unexport” button that is accessible right from the user’s bill lists in ECO. It can be used to unexport the entire list you have in view at that time. Also, the A/P and GL export flags can now be set through the ECO export, which is the first time this functionality has been available in the browser-based version. The resulting export file will be backward-compatible with many clients’ existing reformatters.

This is a BIG DEAL for several reasons:

  1. This is the first time that “accounting level” data (export date/exported by/exported?) can be exported through the ECO interface.

  2. Manual bill export processes for clients using EnergyCAP Enterprise can, in many cases, be simplified in ECO. This will save time and money.

  3. Lots of our clients will benefit. Nearly half of EnergyCAP Enterprise users have some sort of electronic system to pass billing information from EnergyCAP to their A/P system (and sometimes back to EnergyCAP). This typically involves a customized reformatter application that converts the EnergyCAP data to a format that their accounting software can process. Now they’ll be able to transfer that data quickly and securely from EnergyCAP Online, and the reformatter should continue to function just as it always has (with a one-time adjustment to the setup).

  4. API-based functionality creates new possibilities. The new export feature is based on the robust Application Program Interface (API) that we are constructing in preparation for our move from the Adobe Flex open source application framework to HTML5. For the non-Geeks who are still reading, this means that EnergyCAP will be using the latest, greatest web software foundation to propel EnergyCAP into the next decade with full compatibility with the next generations of web-based apps. This ain’t your momma’s EnergyCAP!

  5. You can liberate and automate your processes. Because we are building on the API, it will be possible for sophisticated users in a growing set of mid-size businesses to automate accounting processes without even using the EnergyCAP interface. As long as you can authenticate, you can access and use the API to move your billing data from EnergyCAP to your accounting system. This increased flexibility adds up to savings in business efficiencies.

  6. The Cloud is closer than ever before. The internet is the future, and we understand that in some ways, our EnergyCAP Enterprise client server application is a legacy product. We know how important it is for some of our largest and longest clients to move critical functions online with the latest technology. Bill Export will take a giant leap toward that worthy goal.

That’s the good news, and here’s a teaser demonstrating the appearance of the developing user interface in EnergyCAP Online:

  1. Here are the new Bill Export folders, accessible from the Bill Processing menu. The interface has preserved the same workflow and functionality familiar to users of the Enterprise client server version.

  2. The complete A/P and GL Export workflow is now integrated with all bill lists in ECO for ease of use. bill-export1.png

  3. The A/P Export button, from the Waiting to A/P Export folder, will export all billing detail required by the client reformatter.
  4. Mistake with the export? No problem. There is always the Unexport List function.

Keep your eyes open for official announcements as we roll out the new feature set. Happy Exporting!