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How a Curious Castle Connects to Our Clients

The most interesting castle in Ireland has something in common with our newest EnergyCAP clients. See if you can guess what it is.

If you visit the Castle Ward House in northern Ireland, you’ll find an intriguing building.The front of the castle was built in the Neoclassical style, with columns and a pediment:

(Source: http://www.gothic.stir.ac.uk/guestblog/something-in-between-castleward-house)

However, if you walk around to the back of the castle, instead of neoclassical style, you’ll see Gothic, with pinnacles, crockets, and arcade arches:

What curious architecture!

How did this stylistic diversity come to be? It was commissioned by Lord Bernard Ward and his wife, Lady Anne Ward, who had very different tastes. Evidently they couldn’t agree on a style, so they each got their pick.

Lord Ward was a big fan of Neoclassicism and Lady Ward loved Gothic. So the architect united their tastes under the same roof.

There’s the tie-in with our clients. We recently welcomed new clients from diverse markets, including a transit authority, a federal government agency, and a university. Although they have diverse needs and wants, they’ve gathered under the same roof—EnergyCAP.

The transit authority serves one of the most populous counties in the United States. The authority will track and manage 500 meters and buildings. In addition to the software license, the transit authority has also subscribed to the Bill CAPture service for automatic entry of utility bill data into EnergyCAP.

The federal agency is healthcare-oriented and will be tracking 250 meters and buildings. EnergyCAP will assist the agency in importing nine years of historical billing data for detailed analysis and reporting. The agency will be measuring and documenting cost savings of energy conservation projects using EnergyCAP’s IPMVP-compliant Cost Avoidance module.

The third client is an NCAA Division I university that selected EnergyCAP through a formal procurement bid process. With 250 meters and buildings in its portfolio, the university will perform chargebacks and bill splits for shared facilities.

We have three new clients with three very different “tastes” in terms of their energy management programs—but they’ve all found a home with us. And we value their diversity, because it will help us learn and grow to continue to meet the demands of their respective energy management programs.