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How Corporate Social Responsibility Improves the Triple Bottom-Line

Is Corporate Social Responsibility just a trendy term or does it have tangible value for an organization?

Forest City Enterprises, Inc. has proven the latter. An owner, operator, and developer of distinctive places to live, work, and shop, Forest City emphasizes the benefits of CSR to its triple bottom line—people, planet, and profit.

Chris Heinz, VP of Marketing for EnergyCAP, Inc., recently spoke with Joyce Mihalik and Jill Ziegler about Forest City’s recently published annual CSR report. Joyce is the Vice President of Energy Services and Jill is the Manager of Sustainable Initiatives.

They discussed Forest City’s energy strategy, the connection between energy efficiency and CSR, and the results of their CSR focus—$8 million in savings compared to its 2010 baseline.

The 15-minute interview includes Forest City’s five recommendations for triple bottom-line improvements.